4 Reasons to Call for Oil Tank Inspection in NJ

oiltank inspection

New Jersey homeowners are proud of their state and take great pride in where they live. However, what most residents of the Garden State don’t know is that thousands of residential properties have buried oil tanks on the premises. In the later part of the 19th century oil tanks were used to heat homes. These tanks were buried in the ground expected to stand the test of time. However, 100 years later these buried oil tanks are deteriorating and leaking into the soil causing costly damages to homeowners. It is in your best interest to call a residential oil tank removal company to perform an inspection, detect any tanks, and safely remove them. Here are four reasons to toss around in your mind as great motivation to pick up your phone and make that all important call.

Oil Tank Inspections can Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Today’s New Jersey home buyers are savvy and most are well aware of the potential risk of buying a property with a buried oil tank, or worse yet, a leaking oil tank. It is not uncommon for buyer’s to write an oil tank inspection into a purchasing agreement because ignored tanks can rack up thousands of dollars in soil remediation services. If you are going to put your home on the market get ahead of the curve and make your property more appealing by having an oil tank inspection performed with a certificate to prove your buyer is in the green.

Keep Your Land Fertile

One thing New Jersey is known for is having glorious gardens in the spring and summer months. If you have a green thumb and love maintaining a lawn, flower garden or vegetable garden you will definitely want to get an oil tank inspection performed. When tanks leak petroleum and toxic metals into the soil it is possible that your ground will sour and never grow so much as a dandelion. Imagine all your hard work of preparing the soil, planting your crops, tending to the ground, and you have nothing to show for it OR your beautiful produce and flowers die mysteriously leaving dead ground. An oil tank inspection will give you peace of mind knowing that your garden will be amazing every year.

Show Mother Nature Some Love

When you perform oil tank inspection and remove any tanks that may be detected, you are giving Mother Nature a huge hug and a high five. Aside from the obvious of buried oil tanks leaking toxins into the soil, a tank leak can also contaminate groundwater and spread to nearby streams. Not only is this oil tank poisoning the Earth but it is also harming wildlife like deer, birds and woodland creatures. In fact, it can also harm your beloved pets.

Avoid a Legal Mess

According to state and Federal law, homeowners are liable for oil tanks on their property. You can be fined for having an oil tank, even if you had no knowledge of its existence. However, if a homeowner seeks oil tank detection services and removes the tank immediately, chances are likely there will be no legal action. However, if guests on your property are exposed to any toxins and get ill they may wind up suing you. This happens more often than you would think!

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