4 Social Media Marketing Trends That Can Redefine Your Success

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The importance of embracing the latest social media marketing trends

The line between SEO and SMM is blurring very quickly thanks to the changes in consumers’ behaviour and the way search engines evaluate the importance of a brand. People value the likes and shares on social media websites while taking a purchase decision. Similarly, Google shows you Twitter results on SERP for any keyword search relevant to the content of the tweet.

When search engine optimization and social media marketing is done together intelligently; it helps you reach, as well as, influence maximum number of customers within the shortest time frame. Let’s take a look at some of the social media trends that can help you boost your reach among the online audience.

Live video streaming

You may have used YouTube for brand promotion but YouTube is mainly used for uploading the videos of events happened in the past and people love to see live events. Social media platforms like Periscope and Facebook realized this void in the market and launched live video streaming facility. With the help of live streaming, you can reach millions of customers across the globe and offer them a unique experience. Suppose you are launching a smartphone in the market.

Now, you have the freedom to broadcast it live to countless followers through Periscope and Facebook. The great thing about live streaming is that though you are promoting your product or service, people don’t consider it as advertisement and see the content eagerly. Zero broadcasting cost and millions of customers are learning about your brand, nothing can beat live streaming through social media.

Boost your sales using the “buy” feature

In 2015, Facebook launched pages for shops so that e-commerce website owners can display their products on the Facebook pages and take advantage of “buy now” call-to-action button. By clicking on this button customers can buy products from the Facebook pages of respective brands.

Almost similar shopping facility has been introduced by two other major social media websites – Pinterest and Twitter. Whether you have a small e-commerce business or consider your brand a contender of Amazon, this instant buy feature of several social media platforms can help you win thousands of loyal customers. If you think you are not well versed in social media marketing, you can take help of a company offering social media marketing in Mumbai.

Transparency wins trust

PPC is one type of paid search engine optimization methods but the problem with PPC is that people know that every brand will say they are the best and most honest merchant in the market. Consumers never trust advertisements completely. Social media sites can help you win customers’ trust effectively.

Suppose you run a pizza chain in the USA and post on your Facebook wall “Do you love our pizza? Which one is your favorite?” Hundreds of people will comment on your post and thousands of people will read those comments because they know each word written by the customers is genuine. If the majority of fans complimented the taste of your pizza, immediately thousands of new customers will plan to visit your restaurant at least once.

Take advantage of Messenger and WhatsApp

People love a brand that responds quickly. Social media chat platforms like Messenger and WhatsApp connect you with current and future customers seamlessly. They can ask about your products and services and you can reply them immediately. All you need to do is share your Facebook Messenger ID and cell phone number. Gen Y loves to chat and if they find a brand that responds quickly, they will take faster buying decisions.


SMM and SEO can be best friends and offer your great leverage in terms of online marketing and customer retention. Follow the suggestions mentioned above and you will notice a significant improvement in customer engagement as well and revenue generation.

Gavin is an internet marketer and co-owner of Vectorcentral.com. Gavin lives in Barry in south Wales with his wife, Didem and cats, Munchie and Pixie.