5 Home Painting Tips For Better Market Value

Painter standing with roller in hand image

When it comes to selling a house, the first impression is very important. A potential buyer will probably ask you about the general condition of the house and the appliances, what sort of maintenance have you performed over the years, and even neighborhood and school quality.

But all these factors cannot compare with what a potential customer sees once thy step into your house. Walls with chipped paint and an overall bad paint job can really have a big impact on how your home gets marketed, so here are 5 home painting tips you can use to raise your home’s market value.

1.      Preparation is two-thirds of the work

A poorly performed paint job can be spotted from a mile away. And 90% of the time, the real culprit for that is haste. But with some actual prep work, the painting itself becomes a fairly simple and straight-forward job. Make sure you’ve cleaned all the baseboards and removed the dust from ceiling corners.

Then, apply the painter’s tape, put cloths on the floor and do the cutting in first. Cutting in is what painters call painting the wall edges and corners with a paintbrush, before continuing with a roller. Finally, check how the paint actually looks outside of the can before completely covering the walls.

2.      Use a primer if you have to

Primers are mostly used when the walls are covered in stains, marks from patching with a spackle or when you want to paint a light colour over a darker one. In those types of situations, the primer is a must, as it helps you create a neutral and consistent surface for the paint to adhere to evenly. Simply slapping on a layer of paint without the use of a proper primer can only lead to the paint not adhering properly and result in a poorly executed paint job and in turn, lower market value.

3.      Choose the right colour for the walls

In most cases, you simply can’t go wrong with white. It’s a simple, yet elegant solution and neutral colours allow for the buyers to project their own colour styles and ideas over it. Having more than one colour is reasonable and even desirable, as they can be used to create the illusion of space in a tightly-packed home. But don’t go overboard and paint every wall a different colour, this can only serve as a distraction and might lower the overall market value.

4.      Don’t forget the ceiling

Painting the ceiling is really not as difficult as it may appear at first. The process is the same as doing the walls, but the only real issue that it might require some contortion and elevation to be accomplished properly.

The rule of thumb states that the ceiling should be white, either a different shade to complement the walls or a strong white to accentuate any bold wall colour you might have. That said, painters do recommend that you prep the ceiling the same way you would the walls and be careful that you don’t stand directly below it and to always paint away from where you’re standing.

5.      Painting the exterior

The first thing your potential buyer will see is the look of your home’s exterior, so you have to pay close attention to detail and try to make that first impression as good as possible. Most exterior work can be performed by yourself. Just like with all painting jobs, it requires prepping the surface by doing any necessary repairs, setting up the primer and slowly working your way from top the bottom. The use of a quality power roller will certainly make your task a whole lot quicker and easier!

The colours should always be neutral, but if your backyard isn’t in the most perfect of conditions, then you might choose a colour scheme that puts the focus on the house itself. However, when it comes to the roof painting, the roof painting experts from Sydney advise that you call in the professionals, due to the fact that its often highly inaccessible and carries a risk of falling if you’re not careful. But a nicely done paint job on the roof and the exterior walls can really grab and hold the attention of any potential buyers.

Although most paint jobs are pretty straight forward, people tend to avoid them because they seem like too much work, or they fear they’ll do a poor job. But professional painters know that it all comes down to prepping and any painting related mistakes can easily be covered with a fresh coat.

And nothing raises the curb appeal of a house more than a decent paint job, especially when it comes to the exterior. Just remember that bargain paints often lead to disappointing results, so try to invest in a brand name product. It might be a little more on the expensive side but the final results are totally worth it.

Steven Clarke is a web entrepreneur and a business consultant. Apart from that, he is interested in home improvement, design, new technologies and he likes to put his ideas out there. When not working on new projects, he likes to spend his time in the great outdoors.