5 Tips for Improving Your Home For Less

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Whether you are simply wanting to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home or give it that all needed fix up to gain more value when you list it for sale, we’ve constructed these 5 tips which will help you give your home that much needed face lift.

We realise that money isn’t always a flexible factor when it comes to decoration and home improvement, so these 5 advisable tips are all written specifically for people who are looking to spend little or no money. You’ll be surprised at how you can improve the overall performance and comfort of your home with the simplest and quickest of low budget fixes.

1. Stop the squeak

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One of the most frustratingly annoying things which are common in households are the squeaks. Hearing the same repetitive high pitched noises throughout your home can drive you crazy especially in the night, when you are trying to sleep.

Although there is a medium time fix for the problem, you can in the short term simply pour talcum powder, also known as “baby powder” and sweep it into the surrounding area of the cracks. This should stop movement of the wood, as the talcum powder will effectively fill the gaps which allow for the squeaking sounds.

What about the doors? If the same problem occurs with any of your doors, the solution is to simply apply a drizzle of WD-40 on the appropriate hinges, this will lubricate the rubbing metal, combating any noises generated.

2. Remove the stains

Clean Bath Tub Image

If your home has a bath, you’ll realise how hard it is to keep it looking clean. But when a bath has stains and marks on it, it can be pretty off-putting. Luckily for you there is another quick, easy and cheap way to get rid of all of the marks and stains which your bath has collected over the years.

With the use of tartar cream, lemon juice and baking soda, make a paste, containing equal amounts of each of the ingredients. Then simply rub the paste onto all of the stains on the bath tub. After leaving the homemade stain removal concoction for around an hour, use the shower or taps to blast away the paste.

3. Save money on the big jobs

Copper piping image

Sometimes there are jobs which you’ll automatically leave to the professionals to take complete reign of. e.g. if you are getting your walls plastered you’ll hire a plasterer, makes sense. Also when hiring these professionals, it can have quite an impact upon your wallet.

We aren’t going to suggest that you should try and do these jobs yourself as this would almost certainly be unwise. Although that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a chance to save some cash when hiring, for example, a plumber. Do a little research into your problem.

In most cases, the plumbers will buy and charge you for replacement parts which were required. Often the plumbers will not put too much thought into where they get the materials and pay over the mark for it. So it’s always good to get these parts in your own time.

I recently saved money on my boiler repair with 25 minutes of research. I found out that the only part I needed was a galvanised steel tube airlines pneumatics which I picked up online.

4. Enhance Your Entrance

Property front door photo

This tip is particularly handy if you are looking to sell your home in the near future. First impressions of a home matter, so you want to have an entrance which is both beautiful and welcoming.

As doors don’t particularly require a great amount of paint, you can afford to buy a small tub and manage to give your door several coats of it. After your door is looking fresh and vibrant from its recent transformation there is always to option to expand by replacing old door numbers and adding plants and natural looking ornaments around the entrance way.

5. De-clutter

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No matter the size of house or flat that you live in, we all share the same common problem, our houses are easily prone to getting messy… and fast! You could spend a part of your daily routine cleaning up mess that was created the day before, or you could simply remove and sell everything in your house that sits around and doesn’t get used.

The fewer things that are in your house, the easier it is to keep clean and in order. Not only will this help you sell your house or transform it into a house that you can stay in for years, it is also a great opportunity to make some money on the side selling all of the products and items that you no longer use on sites such as eBay. This is money that can be later invested into improving your house even further.

We hope these tips and advice will come in handy and get you on your way to getting your home to its best in order to improve it for the long term or attract more people to buy the property.

Gavin is an internet marketer and co-owner of Vectorcentral.com. Gavin lives in Barry in south Wales with his wife, Didem and cats, Munchie and Pixie.