7 Jewellery Trends That Will Define the “Twenty-Tens”

Pretty woman wearing pearl necklace image

2016, a blip in the “twenty-tens” (teens?!) is finally over. With 2017 comes a whole host of new jewellery trends, gone are the earring jackets and the brief resurgence of stalwart yellow gold of 2016.

Whilst the fashion jewellery drift of this year is already quite easy to predict, the finer aspects of the jewellery spectrum still remain unpredictable in January as to what will be hot and what will be not. But here are seven trends that we believe will be the ones that will define this decade…

1. Charm necklaces

Whilst there is the clear opinion that charm bracelets are now a thing of the past, charm necklaces certainly hold the spotlight in recent years. Charms positively express someone’s individuality and hint at any personal stories that lie beneath the surface.

Try out well known brands like Thomas Sabo Charms, for some new year inspiration and mix them with more vintage necklaces and different metal, to try and refresh the look.

2. Big 80’s earrings

You shouldn’t be wearing just typical elongated earrings this season – they have to be big and voluminous! Oversized, eighties style earrings are in, made of metal, with a perceivable weighting on the ends.

Make a statement with a stunning single ear dangle, with a single thread of gold or a swatch fabric; these purchases are getting so popular that jewellery sites are devoting whole featured sections of their website to singular large earrings. Alternatively, the mismatched style of mixing up earrings will continue to be a growing trend as we progress through this year.

3. Pearls

Pearls have suddenly become the jewellery industry’s most exciting project, with the aim to redefine these mature gemstones and make them fresh and contemporary for 2017. With the biggest designer names out there offering an abundance of pearls in their latest upcoming collections, everyone else will soon to be following suit.

Baroque pearls are a special mention, the benefit with these being that they’re much less pricey than their more traditional spherical classical counterparts.

4. Heart-shaped pendants

Despite all its infant child-like implications, it’s important to have a heart in 2017, and by displaying it through heart-shaped jewellery. Designers are beginning to bring out more classy, fresh designs in which women of all ages can wear with pleasure; examples being heart-shape diamonds, coloured heart gems or pavé-set motifs. Love is certainly in the air, undoubtedly a Valentine’s Day related purchase for sure.

5. Less is more

Despite large eighties style earrings coming into the fore, you should also embrace the notion of less also being more this year, with minimalism looking to be ever-present in bracelets and watches especially.

Expect female celebrities to be downsizing and streamlining their jewellery definitely in the summer, with an emphasis on light jewellery – in both colour and weight – with popular styles being pretty rose gold things, skinny cuffs and thin rings.

6. Colour

An explosion of colour in all forms of jewellery (think the rainbow-bright colour palette) is a given this year. Whilst it’s always been connected with antique jewellery, we highly recommend the use of enamel to inject colour, unless you want to treat yourself (maybe not your bank account) to some lavish, extravagant coloured gemstones.

Enamel enhanced fine jewellery is going to be visible in loads of collections everywhere really soon, with colours as sundry as jade, turquoise and coral all being perfect options in the upcoming season.

7. Stones

Stone jewellery is always going to be a safe and assured bet, but preferences in stone shape differ year on year – with 2017 looking to be all about harsher, angrier angles such as hexagons, octagons, rhombi and trapezoids. Expect to see a lot this Game of Thrones inspired jewellery style this year.

Gavin is an internet marketer and co-owner of Vectorcentral.com. Gavin lives in Barry in south Wales with his wife, Didem and cats, Munchie and Pixie.