Amazon Go Set To Change The Retail World

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Amazon has always been known for its new inventions and products. Things are no different this time when it decided to come up with something different. So before we get into it, let’s imagine a scenario where we will be shopping at the brick and mortar stores without stopping at the checkout to pay the bills.

Sounds great, right? This is what Amazon Go is all about.

Okay, so by now you will be all excited to know about Amazon Go, right?

Wasting no time, let me take you and introduce to the new system of retailing – the Amazon Go.

Shopping trends have definitely changed through the years and the number of people opting for brick and mortar stores has decreased. The main reason behind it is the crowd and long queues at the payment section. If this problem is solved to a great extent, the number of people returning to the brick and mortar stores to shop for groceries will be definitely more.

What is Amazon Go?

To keep it simple, let’s say that Amazon Go is a physical store. It is a supermarket where you can shop for groceries and other everyday essentials like you do at other brick and mortar stores.

So now the twist is here.

Here you don’t find any checkouts to make payments and so no issue about queuing! Sounds great, right? All you have to do is to walk around the shelves and shop. Amazon Go is a great achievement of science where computer vision and machine learning is made to work together.

Can we shop right away?

Now this is a bit disappointing. Amazon Go will be open to the public in the early 2017s only. Right now they have come up with a physical store spread across 1800 square feet area in Seattle. Right now it is a beta program and only available for Amazon employees. To know more about the arrival of the stores in your area, keep in touch with Amazon.

How does the Amazon Go work?

With no checkout, you might be a bit confused about the working of Amazon Go stores. So let me tell you that you need a few important things to get started. You need an account on Amazon, an Amazon Go app and a smartphone that supports it. Visit the store just like any other, choose the products, scan the QR code on the products using the app, complete shopping and exit.

What you take from the shelves, what you return there and everything is tracked. It even knows the products on your virtual cart. Once you complete the shopping, you will be billed through the Amazon account and the receipt will be sent to you.

What does Amazon Go sell?

Amazon Go does not completely focus on the products at its online store. Here you will find grocery items, snacks, food items for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as every day fresh items from bakeries.

Currently, Amazon Go has only been opened to the US customers. But, it is expected that it can open up in the UK too as the UK market is quite large. Even though no official announcements have been made till now, at least a beta store isn’t out of the question.

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