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Aquaponics is a new system of gardening and fish-farming that arose out of science. It was devised by a team from the University of the Virgin Islands, whose brief was discovering more efficient methods of organic agriculture. Paradoxically, their discovery has underlined not the efficacy of science, but the powers of nature – and what can happen when we harness those powers in the right way.

Aquaponics combines two common practices: hydroponics (where plants are grown in water) and aquaculture (fish-farming). The difference between Aquaponics and conventional gardening is amazing. It takes 30 days for an Aquaponics lettuce to reach full growth, compared to nearly 60 days for a conventional lettuce. All Aquaponics produce is organic, and often highly flavoursome. And the plants require as little as one-tenth of the conventional amount of land needed, making it accessible to people who own the smallest plots.

To explain the system simply: fish in an aquaculture generate by-products as they grow. These include substances such as ammonia and nitrates, and living organisms such as algae. Normally, these must be filtered out of the water, either mechanically or by hand, to ensure the fish have a clean environment. However, it just so happens that such by-products contain all the minerals and nutrients that plants need to grow and flourish. In Aquaponics, vegetable and fruit plant roots are placed directly into aquaculture water.

They draw the water up, extract the by-products for their own nourishment, and then recirculate the naturally-filtered water back into the aquaculture. No manmade chemicals are involved – it’s an entirely organic process. The plants receive exactly the sort of varied, naturally-produced nutrients they love, so they have excellent flavour and all the health benefits of organic produce. And since no soil is involved, most of the hard labour of conventional gardening is done away with.

By using aquaponics, you can wave goodbye to:

  • Weeding
  • Watering
  • Water-filtering
  • Soil maintenance
  • Chemical fertilisers
  • Expensive plant food
  • Soil parasites and pests
  • Hard labour

Aquaponics4you - DIY Organic Gardening

The only real effort needed is to set up the initial system up and plant the first seedlings into floats. After that, apart from some electricity to keep the water moving, that’s almost all you have to do.

If this sounds interesting then you should try Aquaponics 4 You. Upon ordering, they will send you an eBook with diagrams, explanations and instructions on how to set up your own aquaponics system. To set your mind at rest, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee, and they’ll throw in a special gift – a set of books on organic gardening, cooking, herbs, healthy eating and more – absolutely free of charge (usual value $300). Some families, with perfectly average-sized gardens, not only generate enough healthy, organic, fresh produce and fish to fill their own fridges; they also create a surplus to sell or give away. There are a lot of success stories from their past clients; let yours be the next organic gardening success story.

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