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Helping You Find Influential People & Blogs On The Web

Product name: AuthoritySpy
Creator: Mark Thompson
Product Type: Software
Launch Date: 6th February 2014
Price: Starting at $27

The internet has totally changed in recent years and everything on the web is moving in the direction of authority and influence. It doesn’t matter what kind of marketing you are doing online whether it’s search engine optimisation, pay per click, social media or any other form of marketing you need to utilise other peoples’ or companies’ authority and influence – anything from web based research, guest posting opportunities, joint ventures to sourcing prospective affiliates, advertising and the list continues.

Let’s face some facts, it does not matter how big your online business is, you can always do with that bit of extra help from websites with thousands of regular readers/subscribers or from affiliates with sizable email lists in a subject area similar to your business. This can give your marketing mix a massive boost and can help your business in the areas of social proof, product branding, building online visitor traffic and ultimately enhancing your company’s revenues.

But how do you go about finding the leading authorities and influencers in your business sector?

It can truly take an eternity to source them manually and most of the time you probably have no idea where to begin looking for them. Well, that’s all about to change…

Introducing AuthoritySpy

AuthoritySpy is an Adobe Air App which works equally well on a MAC or PC and takes care of this whole process for you, making the finding of influencers and authorities a whole lot faster than you could ever imagine.

The software is incredibly simple to use as you simply type in a keyword relating to your subject area of interest and AuthoritySpy will quickly scan the internet and gather the most influential individuals and/or authority blogs relating to your niche.

Each result that the system generates is enhanced with important metrics like social authority, Twitter and Google+ followers and Facebook Likes. These metrics indicate to you just how influential these people/blogs really are, making it simple for you to only follow up or connect with the worthwhile ones.

Picture a keyword research tool but instead of gathering quality keywords it brings you quality individuals and/or blogs. So, have you heard enough? If so, grab your copy of this innovative software right away and begin to leverage the influence and authority of others so that your business can receive a constantly growing stream of targeted web traffic

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