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Is Auto Bitcoin Builder Worth Taking a Look at?

In February 2017 we came across a new online business that on the face of it sounds way too good to be true but seeing the huge popularity of the system following its launch, felt it was worthy of a closer look. Auto Bitcoin Builder is quite simply a system that pays you a guaranteed return on your cash deposits every hour of everyday and you can get involved in just $1!

Their website mentions a very simple 3 step procedure to start receiving these hourly payments:

  1. Join and setup a FREE account (you don’t have to upload funds if you don’t want to)
  2. Activate your account by uploading funds starting with just $1
  3. Once you deposit is active, the system will start paying you out hour after hour

How Auto Bitcoin Builder Works

We have been online marketers for more than 10 years now and have looked at many online ventures during that time. In the past couple of years there has been a large increase in businesses and organisations involved in the hyper funding/crowd funding sector. This is a term used to describe the pooled efforts and resources of many individuals, typically online, to help support the development of a new venture or a worthwhile cause.

Auto Bitcoin Builder Banner ImageOne such hyper funding website is which has raised more than $500 million from the donations of regular individuals and businesses and this money has helped to fund almost 100,000 businesses and projects. This new trend of raising venture capital funding shows every sign of increasing over the coming years as the internet continues to roll out across the globe.

The large majority of crowd funding websites operate under a donation only system with the donators receiving no financial gain. Auto Bitcoin Builder claims to be one of the first crowd funding join venture websites that actually generates an ongoing income for all those who invest money.

Auto Bitcoin Builder claims that the money deposited by members is used to fund successful ventures and a percentage of the profits from these businesses is constantly distributed back to the members in the form of a guaranteed hourly income.

The company also claims to have taken control of almost 300 companies over the past 12 months using this crowd funding network and it is from these business profits that allow them to pay members a fixed hourly return on their investment.

You choose how much you are willing to deposit and Auto Bitcoin Builder uses this money to help fund profits generating businesses that will help pay you out for a lifetime. There is absolutely no further involvement from your perspective.

How Much is Paid Out to Members?

Whether you deposit $1, $100 or $1000, you receive a guaranteed 0.25% back on your deposit amount every hour. You can deposit as much as you like and clearly the more you put in, the more you will be paid back every hour.

Earn from the Deposits Made by Your Team Members

If you use your referral web link to bring members into your Auto Bitcoin Builder team, you will earn 10% commission on all the new deposits placed by your referrals. You will also receive 5% commission on the new deposits placed by the members brought in by your referrals.

How Many Members Have Joined?

At the time of writing this (15th February 2017) 39492 members had joined the business and $328,062.77 had been paid out to these members. The images below show the Alexa Traffic Ranking of this business. Already it is ranked 61,788 out of all the websites in the world and it has achieved this ranking in very little time!

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Auto Bitcoin Builder – Pros and Cons


  • Get started with just $1
  • Guaranteed cash return every hour
  • “Hands off” business which is easy to operate


  • How can they pay a guaranteed hourly rate?
  • Who is behind this company?
  • What companies are being invested in?

What Do We Think of Auto Bitcoin Builder?

When we first spotted this opportunity, the initial thought is that it must be a scam. The jury is still out because this business is very new and we have only been members for one day at the time of writing this review (Joined February 14th 2017) . It all just sounds way too good to be true. However, we did deposit $20 worth of Bitcoin just to see if the system did what they said it would do. As you will see from the screen shot below, we are being paid $0.05 every hour which is 0.25% of the $20 deposit that we uploaded.

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There are so many aspects of this business that make me extremely sceptical at present. Who is behind the company? What companies are they supposedly investing in? How can they guarantee an hourly percentage payment based on your deposit?

Right now, we have far more questions than answers. So, do we feel safe and secure investing large sums into this business? Absolutely not! If you want to give it a try, make sure that you deposit only what you can afford to lose which is a good general business mantra anyway.

I have already sent in a couple of support questions voicing my concerns so it will be interesting to see what they have to say for themselves.

At this time, I have little faith in this opportunity but I really hope I’m proved wrong. Only time will tell!

Proceed with Caution!!!

If you are keen to find out more visit Auto Bitcoin Builder

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Gavin is an internet marketer and co-owner of Gavin lives in Barry in south Wales with his wife, Didem and cats, Munchie and Pixie.


  1. ADM I’ve been sending several request to your page about my account but without response, I’ve deposited $50 but they are not appearing on my deposit history

    • Hi Witness,

      Firstly, please understand that our site has no connection with the company behind “Auto Bitcoin Builder”. We have simply published a review of this business to help guide those who are considering joining. If you want to contact the company this is the link you will need: This is the only way that we can see that you can contact the company directly.

      You are certainly not the first person to experience the very same problem with uploading funds that do not appear in your account. We have come across many other people with exactly this issue. We uploaded $20 just to see if the system works and thankfully our deposit appeared in our account and has been earning. Maybe we are just one of the lucky ones. If you read our review you will see that we do not have a great deal of faith in this business so if your money does not appear in your Auto Bitcoin Builder account, we would advise you not upload any more funds.

      We do not believe that this is a business for the long term!

      We really hope that you get a helpful response from the company.

      Best of luck


  2. hi sir,

    My name is juvan linguis from the philippine. I have a few question from you. I am also a member of AUTO BITCOIN BUILDER. my question is why auto bitcoin builder now didnt release my all pending withdrawals?
    thank you so much sir please reply me as soon as possible. sorry fot this matter sir..

    Best Regard,
    juvan linguis

    • Hi Juvan

      I am sorry that you are not receiving your money from this company but I am not entirely surprised. I have read similar stories from other members. If you read our review of Auto Bitcoin Builder you will see that we don’t exactly think that this is a business for the long term and how can it be? How can any business possibly afford to pay returns of 6% daily on deposits without being a Ponzi scheme. The only real winners in this situation are the guys who own the website. I am sorry to be brutal but if something appears too good to be true then it probably is!

      Please do not put anymore money into this ‘opportunity’

      Best wishes


  3. Hi, I have not received my pending payment to date they amount to $128. Support is not even responding to tickets. The page is still opening and functioning which means they are continuing with scamming people. Can’t this site be reported or shut down? Sinc e owners are benefiting from our money
    Pls help

    • Hi, when I joined Auto Bitcoin Builder I had a very strong feeling that the site had been put together simply to scam people. If you read my review you will see that it is far from a glowing one! I put in $20 of my own money just as a test and re-purchased using the ‘profits’ that were generated each day. I then tried to withdraw just a few dollars and that withdrawal has been pending for weeks now. I am sorry but you will not be getting your money back as the people behind this operation are scam artists. I just hope you didn’t put too much in from the start. The reason the site remains online is because people are clearly still putting money in thinking they are going to make some easy profits. IT’S A SCAM FOLKS! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!