Benefits of Reading to Your Child

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Proven Way to Make Your Child Grow Smart

Reading to your kids has lots of benefits, especially if you start early. The ages of two to five are critical to your child’s language and skills development, so making room for story-time is well worth the effort. Here are some of the specific ways early reading helps your little one:

Introduce your child to the wonders & benefits of reading a book

The more you read to your child, the more likely they will try to sound out the words they hear while listening to you. This in turn will help with the development of their enunciation skills. It may start with “pretend reading” (with mostly babbles and squeals as your toddler flips through his favorite picture book), but with this activity and your storytelling sessions, they may end up speaking clearly by the time they enter preschool.

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Enables your child to communicate better

From the way characters in a book relate to each other to the way you relate with your child as you read to them, your child learns valuable communication cues and skills. Using these, they’ll find it easier to express themself, and to interact well with others.

Improves your child’s logical thinking skills

Some storybooks introduce children to abstract concepts and the cause-and-effect relationship. Others show them how to use good judgment and logic in different scenarios. When your child encounters similar scenarios in real life or sees similar concepts played out in the real world, the chances are they will have a better grasp and understanding of the situation or will be able to react or respond appropriately. Plus, this will pique their curiosity and have them looking forward to more stories.

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Builds a foundation for language learning

Reading to your toddler could help them master the language at an early age. This is because they gain exposure not only to the sounds that form language but also to the fundamentals of language. So there’s a good chance that they will already have a good grasp of the language when they start studying.

Sets your child up for academic success

Early readers are able to string together words and sentences easily, which can make a world of difference when a child is trying to make sense of social, science and math concepts during their elementary school years. So it’s no surprise that several studies have found that students who were read to regularly before they entered preschool are more inclined to excel across the board in a formal education setting.

Helps your child adjust to new experiences

If your child feels anxious about a major change in your lives, or has experienced a potentially traumatic or stressful event, reading them a relevant story can help them cope or become accustomed with the situation. Say your family is moving to a different city, and your child would have to study in a new school. Stories of children in a similar situation and who share the same concerns or struggles can help with the transition.

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Teaches your child discipline

Initially, it may be difficult to get toddlers to sit through story-time, as they are easily distracted. But once this becomes a routine that they comfortably settle into, you can expect them to stay put until the end of the story. It’s likely too that their attention span and memory retention will both improve. This means when your child begins school, you no longer have to worry as much that they might have trouble concentrating or might be hard to discipline.

Make reading a fun experience

If your child associates reading with schoolwork, they might think of it as a chore. But if you’ve read to them since they were a toddler and always made sure story-time was fun and exciting, they will see reading as a hobby that’s worth engaging in even outside of school. Instill in them a love for books, and they might even choose books over gadgets and other electronic devices when they get older.

Allows the two of you to bond

Reading is more than just an activity that benefits your child’s development. It is your chance to spend some one-on-one time with your little one. Story-time is a nice welcome break from all the happy chaos of life with kids. So take this as an opportunity to snuggle with your child, share conversations and nurture your relationship.

Getting books to read to children while they’re young is one of the best gifts you can give them. And it’s a gift that pays off in many ways, not just today but even as they grow up.

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