10 Ways to Bring New Life into Your Garden

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Whether you own acres of back garden or a little treasure trove of grass around the back of your house that you can call your own, our gardens are the pride and joy of our households. They’re meant to look beautiful in the winter while being fully enjoyed in the summer. However, not many of us would class ourselves as green-fingered and may have no idea what to do when it comes to plants and gardening.

If you’re reading this, you’ll probably on the hunt for new and exciting ways to spruce up your garden so it can be enjoyed by you and your family to the fullest. To give you a helping hand, here are ten unique and innovative ways you can revitalize your garden into something you’ll love to spend time in and somewhere you’ll be proud of.

Make a Herb Garden

One of the best ways to bring new life into your garden is by adding function to it. This will draw you into the garden more and more while giving it a purpose in your everyday life. One of the easiest ways to do this is by creating a herb garden! Simply grab some old rustic looking box, add compost, add seeds (readily available in all kinds of shops) and plant them!

Recycle Water

Rain is free water if you know how to harvest it, once again adding functionality to your garden. Why waste water by connecting a hose when you can simply invest in an affordable rain barrel to collect rainwater from the sky and your drains. Free water to water your garden for life! If you need a quality garden hose for all your watering needs you should find what you need right here.

Keep the Tree Stumps!

If you’ve got an old tree stump in your garden, the chances are that you’ve considered having it removed. However, this can be expensive, even more so if the stump is relatively inaccessible. However, why get rid of it! Instead, transform it into a mini garden of its own using sprawling and trailing plants!

Make a Wildlife Haven – Part One

One of the most beautiful sights you’ll ever see is potentially hundreds of butterflies flying around your garden. It’s sure to captivate your children and your neighbors! It’s also really easy to attract them! Simply find a designated space in your garden, get a jar (preferably a baby food jar for size) and then add one part sugar and nine parts water! Leave it outside, and you’re good to go!

Go Higher!

Vertical gardens are quickly becoming sensational in gardens around the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re limited on space, simply line up tiny planters up your fence or wall and watch your garden come to life! Search vertical planters into Pinterest, and you’ll see some amazing examples! This is easily one of the most popular garden modifications, suitable for all kinds of buildings or houses!

Install a Water Feature

One of the more expensive recommendations on my list, a water feature is sure to be the highlight of any garden, adding a real focal point and new perspective no matter where you’re standing. If you consider yourself handy, you may be able to install it yourself. Otherwise, it’s highly recommended that you use a professional.

Reverse Water Feature

Instead of having the water shoot upwards, why not have it on the ground? Of course, I’m talking about a pond! If you’ve got the space, dig out a pond in your garden, line it fully with a selection of large and small rocks and you’ve instantly created a natural wonderland! You can have fish, frogs, lizards and all kinds of wildlife that really is bringing new life into your garden!

Build a Terrace

If you’ve got a patio or a nice corner of your garden that would be perfect for enjoying the sun, set down some decking, build a terrace, which can be done easily and cheaply from recycled materials and use online tutorials and you’re done! Add some chairs, a table, and some cushions, and you’ve just created the perfect outdoor chill-out spot!
If you feel like getting really adventurous, why not add a firepit and BBQ! You’ve then created the ultimate place to host amazing garden parties for your friends, family, and neighbors!


A common theme throughout this article is recycling the old stuff to make it into something new. You may have your children’s old toys, an old bed, old boxes, shelves or anything! It doesn’t even have to be your old belongings. You’d be so surprised at the items you can find at your local recycling center or even what your neighbors have and no longer what! Anything can be easily transformed into a vintage or rustic styled potting area or stage for your pots, giving your garden a new edge or style that everybody will adore!

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