Learning To Feel Comfortable In the Gym

Feeling Comfortable In the Gym

Most of us feel insecure about the way we look even if people tell us we are wrong to think so. Being surrounded by beautiful bodies on billboards and in commercials doesn’t help either. Today, we are all too aware of the way we look, and we are our own harshest critics when it comes to physical appearance.

Because of this popular trend of movie star bodies, people decide to go to the gym. Of course, there are those doing it for health reasons, but that doesn’t mean that walking into an area filled with sculpted bodies and toned muscles doesn’t make them nervous.

But here’s the good news – it’s not permanent. And here is how you can lose that discomfort even sooner.

Bring your tunes

The best way to shut out the rest of the world is by listening to music while working out. If you don’t have an mp3 player, use your phone but make sure it’s kept somewhere where it won’t prevent you from exercising or get damaged. Choose the music you like and which will boost your energy and enthusiasm for working out. And don’t forget to check the battery life, so you don’t lose your favourite tunes right in the middle of the workout frenzy.

Consult an instructor

One-on-one training sessions will certainly be an excellent solution to this problem, but they tend to be pricey. And so we’re stuck with a room full of machines and without a clue as to how to use them or which one is recommended for us. Every gym has an instructor present or someone working there who can give you guidance and advice. If you’re ashamed to consult that person or are afraid that it will make you the centre of attention, you might end up doing yourself a disservice.

So go to the gym when it’s less crowded or start exercising cardio first until you are comfortable enough to ask for instructions.

People won’t bite

Consider this – the gym is the place where people come to work out for various reasons. Now knowing this, keep in mind that no one was born with the knowledge of what to do and how to do it. They were all in your shoes first. So you see, nothing prevents you from being friendly and polite to others and even asking for advice or recommendation. What you shouldn’t do, though, is bother them in the middle of a workout or distract them with conversations. Leave socialising for after the gym and stick to building muscle.

Wear bigger clothes

One way to hide your insecurities is to put on clothes one or two sizes bigger, or at least the ones baggy enough to hide your curves. This will form a sort of safety barrier around your body and help you stop being too self-conscious and concentrate on the workout.

Try not to wear clothes which might get in the way and obstruct your workout, so you don’t trip and get hurt. But after a few sessions, start peeling off those layers and wearing appropriate sizes and fabrics. Also, go for the simple look – an old T-shirt and sweatpants are good enough.

Be polite and well-behaved

The workout equipment you use is your responsibility. This means that when you finish working out you should put everything back in its place so others can find it and use it. Also, when using the machines, place towels on the back supports to avoid getting them sweaty. When using dumbbells you might consider putting on gloves since they will prevent you from dropping them on the floor due to slippery hands and damaging them, or in the worst case scenario injuring yourself.

Additional tricks

There are some visual tricks you can use to hide things on your body which make you too self-conscious and insecure, although you should practice this as a last resort since the idea is not to mask the discomfort but to get rid of it. First of all, the perfect solution to hide your curves would be to use tight-fitting underwear, such as Lasculpte Shapewear Australia for example.

If you’re a lucky lady with a big bust, try some of the sports bras on the market from famous and quality brands like Nike and Reebok. Since they will be close to your skin, you might reconsider using only the brands with proven quality and a diverse clientele.


Going to the gym is not reserved for a certain type of people anymore. It’s for everyone who cares about their body and health. So by going there you will not do only something good for yourself, but inspire others with similar insecurities to do the same. So don’t let your fears tell you what to do, rather banish them with every session you attend, every weight you lift, every mile you run on the treadmill.

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