Best 10 Content Writing Tools for Your Small Business Website

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Do you own a small business and would like to take it online. As a small business owner it may become overwhelming to maintain the efficiency of the operations of your business while at the same time, marketing your products or services online, and on your own.

Even though it may be challenging, using the proper content writing tools will make your work, a breeze without needing to hire professional marketers or PR experts to do the job. More so, if you do not have enough cash to keep your business afloat and get recruits.

Content marketing is a way for businesses to attract new customers and still retain old ones by positioning themselves as experts in a particular field. Just as you will find suggestions for a search on edit my paper online, so will you for the best content writing tools.

Best Content Writing Tools for Small Businesses

1. BuzzSumo

For you to draw more people to your online content, it has to be relevant to them. You want to be able to move at the same pace as your target audience. Using the BuzzSumo tool, you will be made aware of the content that is trending on various social media platforms.

It comes in handy when you need to post an article on your blog, but have no idea on what to write about. You can also search a particular topic or domain, to see the number of shares for that particular subject on the major social media platforms.

2. Evernote

Do you have ideas for your next article and would like to store them somewhere, for later use? Well, you should try out the Evernote tool. It is a digital note-taking tool that allows you to jot down your ideas and be organized.

As a writer, most of my ideas come when I have no time to grab a computer and start drafting the article. It is easy to revise my paper, but it may lack the enthusiasm that I had wished for, due to not being able to implement all the ideas that I had.

Use the Evernote tool to save links and even whole web pages to reference later.

3. PlagTracker

As a business, you want to position yourself as an expert in a particular field. However, you can only achieve this through creating unique and original content. The PlagTracker tracks any plagiarism issues in your content.

You can also use it for editing assistance as it is sometimes difficult to check and proofread my paper while paraphrasing the plagiarized areas. If you are stuck, the writing assistance service will help you come up with original content.

4. Canva

If you get time to assess the most viewed content on the web, you will realize that most are paired with impressive photos. If you are a novice at graphic designs or have no time to create one, the Canva tool will be useful in helping you create impressive visual graphics.

It is easy to use, and you don’t have to grapple with learning how to use Photoshop. You will also be able to use various templates to get you started in creating professional images for your site.

5. Apester

Your blog or website shouldn’t be a monologue of stories about your business. It is a platform for you to engage with your audience. Also, every business grows through actively engaging their audience.

He Apester tool will help you create interactive content for your audience, from polls, surveys to quizzes, without much sweat from you.

6. Giphy

For a blog to remain relevant, it should also be, interesting to read. It, therefore, calls for the need for the blog owner to incorporate more than just words in their content. Thus, you will need to add images and even gif’s to, the content.

The Giphy tool allows its users to create fascinating and amazing stickers and animated gif’s, all for free. You can also convert a gif that you would like to share later on your social media account.

7. Soovle

One of the many reasons why businesses are going online is to remain relevant and access potential clients. For your small business to achieve this, you need to ensure that you can be found by customers as they surf the internet. How do you do this?

As you publish content online, you should include rich keywords. In turn, you will get better SEO ranking in the search engines. The Soovle tool will help you uncover the useful keywords for the different search engines.

8. Powtoon

Are you contemplating incorporating videos to your website but do not have the technical know-how? Not to worry, the Powtoon tool will help you, as a novice, to create exciting and professional videos for your site. If your videos are less than five minutes, then, the service is free of charge. Cool, right?

9. Recite

Make your content more attractive to the public by using the Recite tool to turn phrases into a quote. It is easy to use, and you can use their templates to share your quote on social media.

10. Storify

Hashtags are the new ways to go viral. With Storify, you can curate hashtags for your content as you engagingly tell your story. You can also use it to create, organize and share your image content.


Writing may not come to you as a passion or talent, but when equipped with the proper content writing tools, it all becomes easier.


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