Four Tips to Create an Amazing Environment for Your Factory Employees

Safe enviornment

Just because you operate an industrial factory doesn’t mean your employees have to work in a space that looks like it was taken from a Charles Dickens novel. Today’s newly built industrial factories are straying from the dull and moving in the direction of creating stimulating and relaxing spaces for employees, as well as making safety improvements. Multiple studies prove that when employees feel safe and enjoy their workspace, quality and productivity goes up. Here are four tips for improving your factory’s environment to and bring ear-to-ear smiles on every employee’s face.

1- Take Extra Steps to Make the Property Safe

When you take extra steps to improve safety standards, even if everything is already up to code, your employees will notice and they will value you for focusing on their welfare. For example, if your business is on the east coast you are operating in an area where buried oil tanks are abundant. By calling in the experts to perform oil tank inspection and removal for your business, employees will see that additional steps are being taken to provide a healthy, safe work environment.

2- Create an Outdoor Space for Physical Activity

Creating an outdoor space for physical activity will not only make employees happy, it will likely boost productivity. Numerous studies show that two 15 minute periods of physical activity in a work day increases alertness. Building a basketball court with a backstop is ideal because it can provide multiple uses aside from shooting hoops. Walking paths around the facilities is also ideal for those who want physical movement but don’t want to engage in games.

3- Design a Peaceful Quiet Space

Just as physical activity is important, so too is the ability to retreat to a space for some uninterrupted quiet time. If you have a spare room consider designing a quiet space reserved for meditating, reading a book, or simply relaxing. Switch up the lighting; take down the blinding fluorescent lights and install softer light with an adjustable dimmer. Use calming colors and textiles, have some oversized comfy sofas, and a number of beanbags. A bookshelf with various titles can be added for employee enjoyment. You can also create a meditation shrine in one corner.

4- Brighten Up the Work Space

Whether people work in offices, a warehouse setting, or in a call center one of the best things you can do is update the interior decor to reflect a lively, inspirational environment. Reconfigure work areas with windows that allow for maximum sunlight. Studies show that work environments aglow with natural sunlight promote happiness and energy. Investing a few thousand dollars in re-painting with bright colors, adding some cost-friendly laminate wood flooring, and adding modern office furniture will create style and vibrancy–things that impact one’s state of awareness and inspire better quality work.

Carol Combs is a freelance writer and blogger for health, education, entertainment, home, and family niches. Carol lives in Los Angeles, CA and is the proud mother of one beautiful girl and wife to a wonderful husband. She is also contributor on Esprit Today.