5 Stylish and Creative Ways To Decorate Your Kids Room

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No doubt your kids spend a lot of time in their rooms playing with their toys, doing their homework, squabbling and doing all the usual kid activities. When they start to grow out of the baby/toddler phase it can be hard to decide how to decorate their rooms to acknowledge that maybe teddy bears and the alphabet are a little babyish now.

But with a bit of imagination, and by getting your child involved in the decorative process, it can be really quite easy to transform a toddler room into a kids personalized den, without having to splash out too much cash. Here are 5 stylish ways to decorate your kid’s room:

  1. Use their latest obsession

Whether it is trains, dinosaurs, Peppa Pig or Barbie, we all know that kids go through phases of being obsessed with a particular show or character so why not decorate their room to reflect that aspect of their lives. It can be done easily with changing the bedding and curtains, and perhaps some removable wall decal stickers, so that when they grow out of that obsession, you don’t have to redo the whole room again.

  1. Let them be creative

Paint one of the walls with a special surface which allows them to draw and wipe off easily, either with chalk or special pens, so they can scribble, write and draw to their heart’s content, without being shouted at by mum and dad. It’s a great way to let them personalize their room and change it whenever they want. They get control over an aspect of their bedroom and can clean it off and change it whenever they want to. It’s a really great way of encouraging your youngster to be creative and express themselves freely, without damaging your property.

If you are then ready to move house at any time, you can just wipe the wall clean for the new person to move in, so no dramas about marks and paint on the walls any more.

  1. Use their own art

Why not have the pictures which your children created at home or school, framed like real artwork and hang those on the wall so that they can be really proud of their creations. If they don’t like that idea then get them to choose their favourite images from Instagram or wherever, and have those printed and framed as well – the key is to get the children to choose what is hung on their bedroom walls to make it their own. They get to be part of the creative process.

  1. Create a pet space

Fish aquariums can be very beautiful decorations in a child’s bedroom as well as teaching them the responsibility of looking after their own fish. With colourful fish and attractive features in the tank like castles and plants, creating pet corner with a fish aquarium can add real vibrancy to any room.

The water and the movement of the fish are also known to have a calming effect on children, so having an aquarium in their room, particularly if they can see it from their bed, could be a really soothing way to help them get to sleep at night. It’s got to be better than them staring at a television screen all night long.

  1. Create a hobby space

If your child has a particular hobby like football, or reading, then create one corner of their room dedicated to that activity, perhaps with a chair and a book shelf for the reader, or signed photographs of players for the footballer. Decorate the space according to their passion and make it a real focal point of the room. There will be no doubt about whose room it is now.

The hobby area should include dedicated space such as a table and chairs, where they can sit and read about their hobby, or watch it online, or learn more about it on the tablet, so it’s a strong focal point which encourages their participation.

With these five simple ideas you can transform a former nursery into an older kid’s bedroom really easily and inexpensively. The key is to involve the child in the decorative choice so that they can really feel a part of the process and prove how grown up they are.

Even if you don’t relish the idea of a bright pink princess theme, or transforming the room into a dinosaur lair, just some of the quick ideas above mean the room can meet their obsessions without having to completely repaint the entire place.

That way, if you do need to move house, you can put the room back to how it was without too much bother. It’s also easy to update again when their obsession changes which happens frequently with kids as we know.

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