DIY Moving Mistakes to Avoid

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As moving day approaches, many people, especially younger people moving into their first new place may get a bit of sticker shock when they receive that first moving quote. In response to this, some will prefer to take on some or all of the moving responsibility themselves as a means of saving money.

It is true that moving yourself may be the less expensive option, but it can also be riskier. In fact, while many people choose to handle a portion of the moving process themselves, they may still choose to leave the more delicate or difficult aspects to professionals.

However you choose to split up your moving day duties, there are some common mistakes to avoid. If you are trying to save yourself money, you don’t want to get yourself into a situation where a mistake winds up costing you more than a professional moving company ever would have in the first place.

Watch out for the following..

Unfamiliarity with Driving Large Trucks

Many companies make it possible for individuals to rent large moving trucks and to transport their belongings themselves. However, there is no special license required to rent many of these trucks, even though they are significantly larger and more unwieldy than your average vehicle.

One of the most common mistakes we see is people forgetting about maximum vehicle heights when traveling beneath bridges, overpasses, or even road signs. These can be extremely dangerous not only for the driver, but for all of your belongings that may be damaged in the truck.

Before attempting to maneuver a large moving truck, make sure you are comfortable with all of the aspects of operating such a large vehicle.

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Trying to Put a Car into a DIY Moving Truck

If you contact a moving company to get a quote, one of the questions they will ask is if you intend to move a vehicle. This is because it requires some very specialized equipment to safely move. It is not at all advised that you attempt to drive a car up into a DIY moving truck, as you risk damaging both.

Not Strapping Items Down

When you load up the truck yourself, you are really left to your own devices. How you load up the truck is entirely up to you, and some people choose to forgo using furniture straps because they may incur an extra charge.

It is always recommended that you appropriately strap down heavy furniture to the interior of the truck. Furniture straps may require an extra charge, but replacing damaged furniture will be much more expensive.

Not Protecting Furniture

A similar issue can happen when inexperienced movers choose to load furniture onto the truck without protecting wood finishes or glass in any way. Furniture pads are always recommended to help protect your items as they are slid into place in the truck, and as the truck travels to your new destination.

Lowering Heavy Items Out Windows or Over Railings

If you live in an apartment, or are simply trying to move furniture from one story of your home to another, it can seem very tempting to try to simply lower them over a railing. This is a very dangerous situation, and is not advisable.

For one thing, there’s the obvious risk of the items falling and hurting someone below, but there’s also the additional risk of you bending or snapping the railing under the weight of the item that is being lowered.

Lining Up Too Few Helpers

You’re going to need more than one or two friends to move your furniture, especially heavy furniture. For this reason, even if you intend to handle most of the moving yourself, you may want to look into hiring professional movers for a few hours to help you either load or unload your truck.

Just go about your move in a smart way, and you stand a better chance of having a good experience.

Niv Orlian is an online marketer and the Co-Founder of DO Online Marketing, a Chicago based company that helps local businesses such as Golan’s Moving & Storage, acquire, manage, and retain local customers online.