Top 10 Must Have Gadgets For Your Next Fishing Trip in 2017

Must Have Fishing Gadgets for 2017
Must Have Fishing Gadgets

Fishing is an incredible pastime and an astonishing way to relax and cool your mind or catch up with old buds after a tedious and hectic week of work as a fisherman. However, you need to have a fully loaded fishing tackle box before heading out to the old fishing hole.

What is contained in your fishing box is a matter of personal preference, but all fishing tackle boxes should contain some few basic items. It is great to take one day out to fish, but any good fisherman understands the fact that having the right fishing gadgets will make the day even more enjoyable.

What fishing gadgets do you really need for your next fishing trip? Without much ado, here are some fishing tips about top 10 must-have gadgets for your next fishing trip 2017.

  1. Fish Finder

In a simple term, a fish finder is the type of gadget to find and track fish underwater from the location you are. The best fish finder works by making use of the SONAR (Ranging) and Sound Navigation system, by discovering the waves of sound energy. It also scans under the waves and find out where each fish is in proportion to your location.

Fish finders will offer you with everything you need to safely plot a course and find the type of fish you are looking for. In addition, these gadgets can say the water temperature and the deepness of particular spots in the water.

Different types of fish finders are:

  • Networked System
  • Combination Fish Finder
  • Standalone Fish Finder

Before choosing the best fish finder for your fishing, you must consider the depth of the water and the fishing location.

  1. Electric Fish Skinner

This is an exceptional gadget used to fillet and clean fish in no time at all. It skins fish fast and easy and it will not waste your fish. You don’t require any knife or special skill to use this gadget because it does all the work for you. An easy access to AC outlet is all you need.

  1. Quality Water-Resistant Fishing Gear Bag

A durable waterproof fishing bag is very important for keeping your gear dry and prearranged. One of the most critical features to look for in a bag is waterproof construction. The gear bag should be manufactured of hard-wearing and water-resistant material together with taped seams and quality zippers.

A fishing bag with hard-formed bottom feature will help in supporting all the gear you put separately. More importantly, the bag should be able to hold a good number of boxes and even accommodate other loose items.

  1. Cordless Fillet Knife

If you are a serious fisherman, this cordless fillet knife is a must-have for you. This is necessary because you should not dare venture to go on a fishing trip without a fillet knife. This particular gadget is very effective in filleting several loads of fish.

It comes with an incorporated lithium-ion battery that gives a working period of 80 minutes. This fillet knife works with both saltwater and freshwater.

  1. WaterProof Dry Bag

Your personal belongings will likely be at risk of getting wet when you are on the water fishing. The waterproof dry bag is the only way to keep your items dry. It is made of thick 500D PVC material that provides durability and waterproof protection. Furthermore, it features a waterproof mobile phone case that will guard your phone if you drop it in water accidentally.

  1. Fishing Rod Case Organizer

As a professional and serious fisherman, you must have more than a few rods. As a rod is a must-have for every particular situation, keeping track of the rods can be somehow difficult. The fishing case organizer will take care of your rods. It can hold 5 rods at the same time. on the other hand, it can store equipment and reels.

  1. Fishing Boat Rods Holder

As amazingly relaxing is fishing, it can as well be somehow tiresome. When you are tired and want relax, this gadget will be useful for keeping your rods while you are relaxing. It has a clamping mechanism attached to your boat even as the other end of the device gets hold of your fishing rod, making it possible to continue fishing even as you walk away for a while. This device will work with the diverse kinds of rods.

  1. Log Book

A log book is a must-have gadget in your fishing arsenal, irrespective of the fishing tools you use. You will want to record the date, time of the day, the quantity of fish caught, fishing tips used, location, sea state, the water temperature, atmospheric conditions, and bait or lures used. You must teach yourself to be consistent with the use of the log book because many years of using the log book will the secret and patterns of where and when to fish.

There are many fantastic tools and products out there to use for capturing your data and other fishing activities like the simple Google spreadsheet.

  1. Extra Fishing Hooks

Load your tackle box with different types of hooks to get yourself prepared for any type of fish. There are many hook styles to pick from such as the traditional J-hook or the French type of hook. Nevertheless, make sure they are available in different sizes, no matter the fishing hook you carry along with you on your fishing trip. Sizes are from number 32, which is the smallest up to 19/0 which is the largest.

  1. The Line Cutter (Knife or Nail Clippers)

There are occasions on your fishing trip when you will get a catch that you cannot get out of the fishing hook except you cut the line. Using nail clippers to cut your line is one of the old fishing tips to use, despite the fact that a pocket knife can do the job perfectly. Using the nail clipper is faster and more efficient than using a knife to cut the fishing line.


What makes you the best fish finder is your ability to be ready for any and every fishing scenario imaginable. The water conditions, weather conditions, time of year, fishing for different types of fish species, or maybe you are targeting one particular species of fish, there are important fishing tips you must know and some of the vital gadgets you must carry along with you whenever you are going on a fishing trip.

Discussed above are the top 10 must-have gadgets for your next fishing trip 2017. Go through the list over and over again and make sure you don’t ever leave anything out if you want to make a successful fishing trip for the rest of 2017.


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