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No food tastes as good as when it’s just been picked or pulled out of the earth. Have you ever eaten new potatoes that went straight from garden to saucepan, boiled, with a little salt and olive oil? It’s that just-picked taste that world-class chefs aim to replicate with elaborate preparations and procedures. But all you really need, to experience unmatchable flavours, is total freshness.

The thing that puts a lot of people off growing their own fruit and veg is that gardening books often seem to emphasise nothing but problems: pests, weeds, schedules, calendars, digging, heavy labour.

It doesn’t need to be this way. Plants have been successfully growing, blooming, ripening and reproducing without any help from humans for millennia. If it wasn’t so, planet Earth would be a barren rock! All we have to do is harness that energy in the right way, take advantage of the natural cycles of plant growth, to grow food with a fraction of the effort required by conventional gardening.

Jonathan White is an environmental scientist who’s figured out a solution. His method of growing plants is based, not upon horticulture as we know it, but upon ecology. As a result, it is stunningly effective. The advantages of his method make an amazing list:

  • No digging
  • Pests are naturally repelled
  • No weeds
  • No chemicals – all food produced is organic
  • Free seeds and seedlings
  • Suitable for all soils
  • Abundant, year-round harvests
  • No harm to the environment or ecology
  • Very little effort required

Food4Wealth gardens are natural habitats made up of edible plants. They’re far, far easier to set up and maintain than conventional vegetable patches. Once set up, such a garden requires only eight hours every year – yes, a year – to maintain. It can produce carrots, lettuces, tomatoes, zucchini, celery, spring onions, Swiss chard, baby spinach, parsnip, cucumber, potatoes, sweet corn, broccoli, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, pumpkin and many other crops. It works so well that Food4Wealth gardeners often end up selling or giving away surplus produce.

The implications for the future of food production are huge. When Jonathan realised what he had discovered, he made it his aim to take it to all corners of the planet. He started by developing his ideas into a digital package. This includes a step-by-step manual, 14 video tutorials (total run time 60 minutes), quick-reference guides and a few other resources. It comes in book and audio book form, so you can read, listen, or view it online.

The package is available from (with a 60-day money-back guarantee) for just $39.97, which hopefully makes it affordable for most people. And you can feel extra good about the purchase, because this is just phase one of the plan. The second phase will be to take it to areas of the world without internet access. So you’re not only benefiting yourself, but also some of the poorer people on Earth.

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