How Freight International Services Empowers Music Touring

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Think back to the first concert you went to; close your eyes and put yourself back in your seat. Remember the smells, the sights, and the sound. I grew up in the 80s, and I remember seeing INXS when I was a kid. What amazed me about the show still amazes me with the concerts I go to today: the pyrotechnics shooting sparks to the beat of the drums, the detailed stage decorations, the powerful lighting, and the impressive sound system that captures every note and scraping of a guitar string. Without companies that offer freight international services, your favorite band from overseas would never make it to America, nor would American bands have the ability to play for their foreign fans around the world. As a kid I wondered how a band all the way from Australia was able launch an American and European tour. Since then I’ve learned how freight international services work in music touring and the service is indeed a complex one that requires a team of specialists.

International Freight Services for Music Touring by Air

International air freight services are vital for same-day shipments and tours with strict deadlines. When music tours have these types of schedules, touring managers will reach out to logistics companies with offices at major airports all over the globe. What matters are a high delivery track record and a music touring company that offers specialty services like multi-plane air charters and private jets to carry passengers, like band members and their manager?

Music Touring Sometimes Relies on Ocean Freighting

Sometimes international freight services require passage via sea, and this is where ocean freighting is the star. Often music tours will work with touring logistics companies to use ocean freighting if time permits it. This option is much more cost-effective than air freight which is why it is so popular so long as the delivery reaches its destination within the time frame. It is also ideal for unusually massive, over-sized materials like humongous stage sets or rollercoasters and odd features that are staged into the music tour. Look for a company that has an in-house team structured as a NVOCC (non-vessel operating common carrier) so you can get competitive rates and that white-glove service.

Freight International Trucking Services Keep the Show Alive

Though air freight and ocean freighting may sound more complex, in reality this title falls into the lap of international truck freight forwarding. Trucking is almost always used for multiple tours stops, with next-day and sometimes even same-day events, and they must coordinate deliveries with warehousing logistics at numerous locations. An entire team of experts are required to coordinate this, and even the finest details matter such as storage strategies. There are companies that offer E-Track equipped trailers for more fragile and sensitive cargo managed by freight forwarding service professionals who ensure your items arrive in pristine condition with zero damage. If you are a music touring manager charged with the task of finding an international freight forwarding company with trucking services, make sure they have warehousing locations that accommodate your tour route and professionals who know how to handle sensitive cargo while delivering and unloading the equipment on time.


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