Fulfilment Companies

Fulfilment Companies
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Fulfilment companies or a fulfilment service is a company that has particular expertise in product fulfilment. In other words, they manage the client order including the processing and delivery to the customer.

For example, if a company has to send a purchased item to a business or even an individual, they may wish to use the services of a fulfilment company who can manage the item which may include storage, packaging and shipping.

One of the most popular services that are undertaken by fulfilment companies include the storage of the products that will be sent to customers. For example, a company may need to store some art work – this sounds simple enough except that it would require a specialist art storage facility to retain it, as it would require specific temperature controlled conditions to ensure that the art does not get damaged – a fulfilment specialist can provide this type of storage as part of their fulfilment service which means that the client does not have to manage this aspect of their business.

Warehouses that store food would also require specialist storage due to the perishable nature of the items and this is the sort of diversity and specialism that a fulfilment service can offer. However, the more complex storage solutions are more expensive although this is still an ideal solution for a business that simply does not have the capacity or specialism to effectively and safely store items.

Fulfilment companies also offer packing services; from basic packing to more specialist packaging that may be required for certain items – the specialism of the fulfilment company is to fulfil the order and the client would expect that they would also handle the stock by managing inventories at warehouses. They will ensure that the quantities of each order are matched to that of the supplier and offer highly sophisticated tracking through expert software specifically designed for storage management. The inventory process includes labelling goods and adding them to inventory software before the goods are securely and safely stored away.

A picker is someone that would physically go into the warehouse and hand pick the item before it goes to a different area for packing. The packaging is not simply wrapping an item – the item is properly assessed so that the most secure packaging is used and securely sealed. The assessment of the item determines the way in which the item is packed and sealed meaning that more fragile items are properly packaged.

Fulfilment companies are ideal solutions for businesses that require efficient storage of goods and the fulfilment of client orders – from the process of storage and inventories to the packaging and often the shipping, they are perfect for large businesses and are usually very cost effective. Furthermore, they have high expertise in their field which means the solutions that they offer are flexible to businesses with particular needs, and this is another reason why more and more businesses are using them to manage this aspect of the process.

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