Guide to Help You Produce a Chart Topping Music Blog

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Before blogs and  the internet, it was a great hassle to find new music, artists, albums, and songs. All we did was hope that the song of our liking would come on the radio and then somehow obtain it. Now with music blogs and music downloader applications, the whole scenario has completely shifted. We can easily search the song we heard somewhere in a club by searching the lyrics, thanks to, in part, the variety of music blogs online today.

Therefore, all you music lovers who wants to share the love of music with everyone else in the world, what better way than to start your own blog. It’s not going to be very easy, however with your favorite tune playing in the background; it will surely be a fun ride. Plus, you will be paid for what you love. So, here’s your guide to make a chart-topping music blog.

Find your niche

You need to know what type your music blog will be. You can focus on what is missing from the other music blogs and is poorly represented and play your strengths by highlighting the type of music you are expert in. In order to create a music blog which will read by all, you need to understand what music represents you the most. There are various unique music blog niches and once you understand how your love of music can represented in the words of the blog, you create your own music niche and a chart-topping blog.

Jazz Up the Name

Once you know what your blog is going to represent musically, focus on what you’ll name it. Like most other blogs, it should be short, catchy, and memorable. Use your creativity a little and give your blog a new, funky, and unique name. There are different ways to be creative with your blog name. To give a few instances, you can compound two words like Facebook or tweak a word. You can add a prefix or suffix to word to make it more catchy and much more. Lastly, make sure it isn’t taken by anyone and avoid hyphens.

Brainstorm Ideas

Next, you need to work on is the content. Identify your readers and focus your content towards them. It should be approachable and easy to read. Keep it original, simple, and conversational. You can introduce various artists on the blog, the top 10 new artists, albums, etc. according to various categories.

Research various music blogs and hit up the social media. You blog content should be targeted towards readers. Thus when you research social media and other blogs, you can even interact with the music lovers on the internet by interviewing them or creating forums and questionnaires. It can really help you know what the readers expect from such blogs.

Create the Full Package

Make your site user-friendly and attractive. You can use various themes. Since, it’s a music blog, keep the theme light and inclined towards the musical side. You can use free hosting, where you can set up the website with various blog domains or can even get paid hosting.

When you use the free hosting, you website will have the name of the host website as well, eg. but in paid hosting, you get your own domain name. You can even choose hosting company. Make sure to research well before setting up your blog about the various hosting options. You can check which hosting websites your favorite blogs are using or even read the reviews of the top hosting websites and companies in order to make an informed choice.

Blog Essentials

Since it’s a music blog, there are few additional things you are going to have to add. This includes streampad, audio player, digital downloads. You will have to add the chords and lyrics which will make it easy for your readers to create and share music. Some other essentials which you can add to your blog can be a podcasting plug-in which will be very useful in case of regular podcast posts or an easy digital download. You can even add events calendar which will let your fans know about the upcoming events and opportunities to learn music.

Remember that before setting up your blog, you are fully aware of the copyright laws for the mp3 music downloader free and get permissions to share and download the music you post. Also, keep on engaging your viewers and network with other bloggers. You will have to take risks, so be prepared.

Always find ways to bring a new angle to the content you are posting. The creativity of the blog can be shown from its content. Thus, make sure the content speaks of music and its rhythm and never fail to connect you’re your audience. Music is loved and accessible to all, make sure you capture that sentiment in your blog as it is in your heart.

Gavin is an internet marketer and co-owner of Gavin lives in Barry in south Wales with his wife, Didem and cats, Munchie and Pixie.