Handmade Diamond Rings for Elegance, Style, & Superior Quality

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Discover Why Handcrafted Diamond Rings Are The Way To Go

An engagement ring is something that has special significance and emotional implications. You need to keep a number of things in mind while selecting the perfect ring. Even though your budget would be playing a pivotal role in impacting your ultimate decision, your emphasis would be on quality and uniqueness.

Today more and more people are opting for elegant handmade diamond rings as they are brilliant in terms of quality and designs and they help you stay ahead of the curve. When your engagement ring is not mass-produced by machines but are manufactured by hand, it is bound to be beautiful and of superlative quality.

In this digital era when technology has been able to attain such precision, why would anybody opt for the handcrafted diamond rings? Here are some distinctive qualities that make handmade diamond rings more popular in comparison to the machine-made rings.

Designing Jewelry

Designers are required to factor in a formidable set of aspects while conceptualizing a new line of jewelry, starting from cost of raw materials to production time and retail pricing. The thought that goes into this has to be even more critical for those who mass-produce jewelry.

Small increases in weight or production time are magnified manifold when producing on a large scale, so the designer will have to keep brainstorming and redesigning till an optimum solution is reached for the lightest piece to be built in the shortest time possible, with minimum cost. Unfortunately, this does lead to a trade-off between convenience and quality.

Hand-Picked Gem Stones

Jewelry designers who create an amazing collection of handmade jewelry pieces actually hand pick all the gemstones they use in their exclusive and exotic jewelry collection. Their jewelry is known for high quality and fascinating contemporary designs. Jewelry designers would be going to jewelry fairs to pick the best gemstones. They would be meeting stone dealers and examining meticulously each and every diamond and precious stone in order to ensure that the diamonds are perfect in terms of cut, clarity, color, and carat.

Stone Setting by Proficient Stone Setters

Technology is replacing the skills and expertise of stone setters. Most mass-manufactured jewelry comes with the stones in place. This sort of setting would be eliminating a tremendous amount of labor, the fact remains that the output is nowhere near perfect as a conventional setting.

Handmade diamond rings are of exceptional quality as all the stone settings are performed by the expert and experienced stone setters who are specialists in Micro Pave, a progressive, cutting-edge, and contemporary type of stone setting. This sort of stone setting is performed under a microscope that is normally set to 25 times magnification which would be allowing the greatest degree of precision and accuracy in the stone setting.

Finishing: The Final Touch

Mass production finishing isn’t of very good quality and hence cannot reproduce sharp lines and other fine features. The process of finishing and polishing goes a long way in determining the quality of the jewelry and is one of the factors that shows a tremendous variance as you move from handmade to mass manufactured.

Usually, different grades of emery paper are used to sand the piece of handmade diamond jewelry to render it very smooth and fine. A polishing compound is used with a motor for a final buff. On the other hand, mass produced jewelry is passed through a series or barrels with different compounds which are then vibrated or turned around. While this achieves a great finish, it is quite aggressive and rough, and likely to remove some sharp angles and lines.

Take a gander at the 4Cs While Choosing the Diamond

You ought to recall the 4Cs while picking the gem. The 4Cs consolidate the clarity, cut, carat and shade of the valuable stone. Whatever you pick must accord to your own slants. In case you are scanning for most prominent astound and general shine, then place emphasis on the cut of the valuable stone. Additionally, it pays to review that the symmetry, degrees, and clean could significantly influence the outward presentation of the great valuable stone.

Picking the Band Wisely

While picking the right band, you could investigate the customary yellow gold, or white gold, platinum, or select the starting at now in outline, the rose gold. You may impressively consider mixing and organizing two different sorts of metals to make an exceptional band. It is each one of your favored a matter and slant.


There are many more solid reasons for choosing handmade diamond rings. It is a good idea to always choose handmade jewelry to show your support to your local economy, local jewelry designers, and of course, to flaunt unique pieces that are not only stunning but also eco-friendly.

Mandy Bular is a professional jewelry designer and artist. She intricate handmade jewelry has been a huge hit online, and alongside selling on various online portals, she also showcases new designs on her blog with referrals for reliable sites like perigems.com