8 Crucial Questions to Ask Before You Start a Home Renovation Project

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Property experts always say that if buying a home is all about location, then home renovation is all about planning. Any pursuit that aims to transform appearance and function demands thorough planning because the last thing you want is a project to run in all directions (and a home renovation has the strong tendency to do that).

Another aspect of a home renovation that warrants careful planning is how it can temporarily alter the life of the people inhabiting the abode. In your plan, include where you will live for the entire duration of the renovation, as well as how you will live around the project.

To create a good plan of action for the project, ask questions yourself and to the professionals helping you with home renovation. So, what questions should you be asking? A luxury home builder in Perth that locals trust lists eight of the most important ones.

1.     When’s the best season to get started?

Any season works actually, as long as you’re not dealing with a lot of rain or severe weather. But you’ll also need to take into consideration costs, tax refunds, availability of workers, and other things. Take note of the short seasonal guide for home renovations below:

  • Winter is ideal for digging and setting up the foundation for a home extension because frozen ground and dry air make pouring concrete a breeze. It’s also the “off-season” for most builders – labour may be cheaper during this time.
  • Spring is peak season because most people start making preparations for the summer and want something new. However, building materials are most expensive during this season.
  • Summer is physically punishing for builders but it’s the perfect time of the year for roofing and bathroom renovations. Likewise, there are many opportunities for savings during the summer and it may prove to be the most convenient season to get a lot of work done because families take vacations, freeing the house for all types of work to be carried out easily.
  • Fall is also a season for taking down the expenses of home renovation. It’s the “off-season” and building materials are usually cheaper during this time.

2.     How long will the renovation take?

You need to get the estimate from your contractor for this. A contractor can provide a fair estimate of how long it would take to get permits, carry out inspections and be provided with the report, and actually renovate the home based on how much work you want to be done.

3.     Where should you get your materials?

Think about this carefully, especially if you’re looking for special materials or you wish to take down costs. If you can source all your needs from one place, you can make shopping more convenient, and at the same time, you may score some discounts or better deals.

4.     Which materials do you need first?

You want to make sure your materials are already sourced in a timely manner for every stage of the renovation. However, you don’t need the accessories delivered right away if the builders still need to work on the foundation.

5.     Where will materials be stored?

Keeping everything safe is a must. You need to find a place to store all the materials that will not be used yet and make sure that weather won’t compromise their quality, or intruders won’t have quick access to them.

6.     Are you going to stay at home during the renovation or live elsewhere?

If you’re going to stay at home, you will have to discuss the project timeline with your contractor so you can move the family appropriately around the house, and use it despite the work being carried out. If you’re going to live elsewhere, you need to confirm the duration, especially if you’ll be leasing an apartment – this will add to the overall cost of the home renovation.

7.     Will the homeowner’s association have an issue with the new look you want for your home?

If you live in a community where associations have rules and get a say on what types of renovations can be carried out, ensure you receive a blessing/permission from them to ensure a hassle-free process.

8.     Can your life manage the “change?”

Home renovation can alter your routine, especially if you choose to stay at home during the entire process. It will also impact your relationships with the members of your family, like when you’re deciding on the style and other requirements. Think deeply if this disturbance to your routine is something that you can manage easily or if you’re likely to suffer physically and mentally because of it. With careful planning, you can list strategies that can help you overcome the impact of home renovation on the quality of your life.

Don’t launch into home renovation without taking the time to ask questions, according to the top home builders in WA. Doing so will lead to better-informed decisions and a smoother process.

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