How Genuine Paid Surveys Work

How Genuine Paid Surveys Work
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Paid surveys have gotten a bad rep over the years since hundreds of sites and companies out there take advantage of its appeal to the average working individual. Who wouldn’t want to earn some real cash in only 5 minutes and just by answering a few questions based on opinion and preferences?

Unfortunately, most online surveys available on the internet exploit personal information to give out to other companies or simply use people’s time and effort with disappointing promises that are never delivered.

However, when you do find a legitimate paid online survey online, it can give you the opportunity to earn some extra cash on the side.

How Paid Surveys Benefit Businesses and Individuals

Market research is essential for any business to thrive. Without knowing your target market’s buying behaviour and needs, your products and services will not meet the demands of consumers and in turn your business will tank.

Companies spend millions of dollars on researching their niche markets and one of the most effective ways to gather fast information is through the use of online surveys. Paid surveys work faster than those that do not have incentives because people are more likely to answer them if they get something in return for their time.

Companies can either create the surveys themselves or hire the services of research companies to do the job for them. And the best parts about surveys online are that they’re fast and large amounts of data are gathered with very little time and very little money.

Individuals who take part in such surveys benefit through cash incentives, points that can be redeemed with cash or products, as well as gift certificates. Once they successfully submit a survey and get their rewards, they have the opportunity of earning more when the company sends them more surveys to answer.

How to Find Legit Surveys that Pay

1. Make sure the site or company posts a privacy policy specifically stating what they will do with the information you provide. If a company states that they will share your information with “associates” or “sister companies,” then be wary of that.

2. Make sure the site or company has contact information that you can easily reach, such as a chat support, an actual physical address, or phone number.

3. Make sure the site or company states specifically the amount you are to receive. If the reward or incentive is vague, or if you need to meet other requirements such as purchasing a product or paying for a fee, then be wary of these surveys.

How to Make the Most of Incentivized Surveys

1. Create a separate email address dedicated to paid online surveys. Legit companies will constantly send you actual surveys that pay but they’re mostly in a limited number. Once this quota is filled out, then you will no longer qualify for the survey or reward.

2. Register in more than 1 website or company. You won’t earn a lot with just one or two surveys – in fact, you’ll probably only earn pennies. Register in many different legit sites to maximize your earning potential.

3. Make sure your profile information is correct. If a survey requires respondents with a 4-year college degree but you only finished 4 semesters, then you probably will not be able to answer specific questions related to actual college graduates, making your answers useless and once companies see this discrepancy in your answers, they might block you from taking further surveys.
Paid online surveys over the internet is a great way to earn some extra pocket cash. It’s not ideal to make into a full-time commitment though and is just something that you can do for fun when you have some idle time on your hands.

For companies, it’s a fantastic way to get your company out there, get to know your customers, and potentially improve your products and services for more income.

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