Discovering How Rich People Think

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Developing The Habits Of Rich People

There is a reason why you are not rich yet. To be more specific, there are 10 key reasons. These reasons are all channelled to your psychological thinking. Thoughts that you lack the finances to take care of your bills and get you through the month comfortably are ones which slow your progress. If you dwell on those thoughts, you are not going to break loose. Well here are 10 things that you are or could be doing wrong and how you can effectively fix them. Discover how rich people think and start building the mindset and habits of rich people.

  • You are coming from a place of lack and not abundance – In this kind of arena, you are focusing on what you don’t have and by doing this you’ll never have the things you want; it is the law of prosperity and until the truth dawns on you, you can never get out of this “prison”. Richness should not be likened to material wealth only. Think of how rich you are with friends who care, a great family, excellent health, and more importantly, a creative mind. It is wise to focus on the imagination that you have much in abundance, whether financially, emotionally or spiritually. You will eventually start attracting those things.
  • Thinking outside the box – Now thinking is of prime importance. Sometimes you have very brilliant ideas but you never implement them. It is high time you gave it a thought. You can even market your idea online or offline before you decide to trash it. Think beyond the horizon, not to the comfort of the results that you always achieve.
  • The fact that you are forever short of cash. Try and make even imaginary clearances of debt. You see every thing is psychologically connected, so do not always think that you are broke. Because if you do so, you could be asking for debts and that is what the universe will offer you. Jot something in your bathroom like “I am clear of all debts”. Well, reality is fact but the point here is to change your psychological perception that you are always broke.
  • You do not believe you are worth it. Maybe because you do not have it, so your relationship with money is negative. Curb that by believing that you are worth and deserve as much to be a millionaire. If you find that hard, try this – focus on a project that you led that was successful and even amazed your boss. The feelings you achieved can always be revolving in your mind to remind you that you are worth it.
  • You never take any chances. Maybe you have fear of being labelled an opportunist, but it should not be confused with grasping a chance. Rich people always disengage themselves from their comfort zones to take risks. It is okay to learn by copying others; similarly, you can get mentors who have more than you do. Employ the tactics that you learn and manoeuvre your way to wise investments.
  • You are a follower, not a leader – why should you be led while you can lead in your own special way. Get out of the way and be the pathfinder. The focus here is becoming a pioneer as when you follow you are not authentically you. Being true to self will bring the money to you.
  • You are always comparing yourself to others. Get to understand that human beings are very unique. Do not waste time comparing yourself with others but rather focus on your accomplishments along the way that will guide you towards financial freedom.
  • You are a victim but yet again and absurdly a victim of your own thoughts and lack of discipline, focus or goals. It is not anyone’s fault that you are not rich; and if anything, you have yourself to blame. Focus on what you can control by setting up a daily plan to accomplish small goals which lead to a bigger goal. Procrastination is a killer of any progress and should be limited.
  • You don’t achieve the goals that you think about. Well you should discard the thought that getting rich is a quick and easy process. Set goals that can be achieved weekly and move forward consistently with the process.
  • You struggle to believe in your uniqueness in your own talent and skills. Believe in yourself and trust your instincts; attract what you love doing and money will often be a by-product. If you do not believe in yourself, nobody will.

The rich are not always the best educated or most intelligent people in society. However, self made millionaires typically possess a couple of attributes that the general population do not – a constant focus on achieving set goals and a never give up attitude. If you learn about how rich people think and generally focus your efforts of developing the habits of rich people, you are well on your way to creating the wealth you desire.

Gavin is an internet marketer and co-owner of Gavin lives in Barry in south Wales with his wife, Didem and cats, Munchie and Pixie.