How to Brand Your Business with Print Advertisements

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Today’s businesses can draw on multiple methods of advertising to reach their target audience. While most businesses today are focusing on digital advertising, traditional print media is often overlooked. However, print advertising is still a highly effective marketing method to promote your brand image and grow your business. To reach and convert most of your target audience through print advertisements, you should consider using an integrated approach in your marketing plan.

There are three powerful components of great print advertisements:

● The headline
● The copy
● The design

These three components have to work together to grab the right attention, inspire a level of interest in what you’re promoting, put out a clear brand message, prompt the desired action and advance your business brand image. That may seem a lot, but it’s what your business needs out of every print ad you create.

To successfully brand your business using print advertisements, consider these guidelines that expand on these critical components.

Grab Attention With Your Headlines

Headlines used both in print and digital marketing media determine whether readers will have an interest in your business message or not. You must write a headline that’s capable of grabbing the attention of your prospects and making them want to read your print ads. If you’re not planning to use a headline, you can use an eye-catching photo or illustration that can grab attention.

There are no specific rules for creating headlines that boost your brand image in print advertisements. What matters is ensuring that the following is included:

● Convey your most powerful message
● Feature benefits of your products/services rather than features
● Make your headline positive – a solution to a problem
● Use compelling and powerful language
● Be clear and credible when advancing your brand promise to readers

Create Copy That Convinces Readers

Effective print ads contain convincing copy. Apart from relying on the strength of brand names, captivating images and logos, great print ads include copy that expands brand awareness, brand credibility, customer loyalty and brand message to readers. Your print copy should play the vital role of igniting measurable action.

For instance, if you want your print ads to generate consumer response, you have to create copy that moves customers towards taking specific actions that benefit your brand. Good copy in your ads will enhance interest in your business, change brand opinions and encourage your target audience to inquire about your prices, request for more information and get clear details on service or product options.

When creating copy for your print advertisements, consider these points:

● Like your headline, the beginning of your copy should be able to entice readers and capture their interest

● Follow up with sentences that advance your brand message to build more trust and credibility

● Invite your readers to take action

● Offer an incentive

● Make sure to include a call for action

Create Powerful Designs that Make an Impact

The key elements in your design are simplicity and clarity. Whether you’re creating a business brochure, mass mailing campaigns, a poster, a flyer, a catalog or a business card, your design should include only the most critical elements.

● Striking visuals
● A clean and attractive look
● Professional design

When creating or reviewing print media ads, it’s important to take the right approach. Determine the right size for your print ads to match your brand message. If you’re promoting a new service or product to new consumers, size your advert accordingly. It’s also important to build your visual identity by projecting a recognizable voice and look in your brand’s print advertisements. For instance, you can use colors that stir emotions and use the same style of illustrations, border design and the same placement of your brand logo in your print ads.

Don’t Compromise on Print Quality

How you present your brand to potential consumers will determine the type of relationship they will have with you. Print quality is a vital aspect to consider when creating your ads. Whether you’re promoting a new service, introducing new products or sending out an invitation for your promotional event, the quality of your print advertisements tells a lot about you and your brand.

Investing in the right print equipment such as printers and Epson ink cartridges for your printing needs will ensure premium-quality prints for your designs. If your business relies on professional printing services for all print work, it’s important to ask what printing processes they use, and the quality of work delivered.

Albert Krav is a professional graphics designer and print expert with years of experience helping businesses create successful print and digital advertising solutions in Los Angeles, CA. He's also a print media consultant working with one of the leading printing cartridge sellers in California. When he's not working, he enjoys writing, sightseeing, and going on bike tours.