7 Tips On How to Customize Your Car with Style

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Great Ways to Personalize Your Car

While to some people, their cars are no more than a necessary mean of transportation, to others they are much more than that. Now, keep in mind that most cars are made in order to be easily marketable to the largest possible target demographic, which will leave you with more or less generic looking vehicle. To some people, this is just fine but for every real car enthusiast out there, this simply won’t cut it.

Aside from these visual upgrades, there are numerous minor changes you could introduce, that would boost the performance of your vehicle by quite a bit. So, in order to deal with this in the best way possible, here are 7 tips on how to customize your car without having it look ridiculous.

1.      Replace Metal Parts with Carbon Ones

Although some of items on this list will be concerned with the aesthetics of the car, this particular upgrade is all about functionality. You see, the metal parts of your car are quite heavy and replacing them with something lighter is bound to make your car run smoother. First off, it helps reduce the heat generated by quite a bit. Aside from this, it will also make your car consume less gas (slightly less), which is bound to make this upgrade pay-off sometimes in the future. The only reason why some people avoid it is because it requires a significant one-time investment.

2.      Performance Tires

Another thing that can boost your overall driving experience is investing in performance tires. This particular project usually costs under $50 per tire, which (when you also count in the spare one) makes a significant amount. This particular trend can make a huge difference in your car’s performance, but you need to find the adequate tires for your car based on its horsepower.

3.      Subwoofer

Next thing you will want to work on a bit is your audio system. Sure, it may have nothing to do with your car’s performance, but having the right sound system can definitely give your driving experience a significant boost. The best thing about this is a fact that investing in a quality subwoofer doesn’t usually cost you much more than $20 which is quite an insignificant amount when compared with some other items on this list. Nonetheless, this is a step you should definitely not skip, especially if you intend to embark on a road trip anytime soon.

4.      Tinting Windows

For those who are really trying to get their full money’s worth, they might always try to go with some high-quality window tinting. First of all, it gives you more privacy in your car, so you can look at it as your own little piece of VIP treatment. Second, it is more energy efficient, seeing how the advanced sun control will allow you to heath-cool your car with less energy. Finally, it gives you sun protection while driving which on its own improves the safety of your driving. On top of it all, it looks extremely cool, which is a great thing on its own. Some people prefer to do this through DIY project, but it is usually for the best to let the professionals handle it, especially seeing how the price of it is quite modest.

5.      Racing Pedals

For those who are really on a tight budget but desperately feel the need to do at least some form of customization on their car, there is always an option of installing some racing pedals in place of your regular ones. First, most of the high-end ones are made from carbon fiber (something we already discussed). Second, this particular upgrade usually costs up to $5 or $10, but for those who want to spare no expense the price could go up to about $80.

6.      Interesting Paint Job

This particular idea is not for the most conservative ones, but for those who aim to turn heads no matter what, a paint job should be the obvious choice. There must be at least some pattern you always dreamed of having on your car; if not, don’t worry, the internet is full of interesting ideas and at least one of them must be to your liking.

7.      Action Cam

In the very end, one of the greatest things you can do in your car is install an action camera inside of your car. Reasons behind this are numerous, most prominently your legal safety. You see, in some parts of the world people like to hurl themselves in front of the passing cars in hopes of getting the insurance money. Furthermore, if there are no eye witnesses to the accident it will be your word against that of the other party; that is unless you have an action camera. In the end, you can simply edit the footage of your trip later on and thus gain an unforgettable memento.

In Conclusion

With these seven simple tips on how to customize your car, you can completely change the impression that your car gives off. By combining them, you will truly personalize your vehicle and turn it into something completely unique, by allowing it to live up to its full potential. In other words, never look at your car as it is, but as what it could become under your diligent guidance.


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