How to Know if a Relationship is Worth Saving

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10 Signs That Your Relationship Is Worth Saving

Long-term relationships are never perfect. In fact, they’re far from it. Different views and temperaments can create bumps on the road and can even turn a once-loving and passionate relationship stale.

If you’re one of the many people in the world asking how to know if a relationship is worth saving, then you’ve come to the right place. What you’re about to read can serve as a guideline to help you decide whether or not your relationship is still worth a try.

Problems are always inevitable and a healthy union is one with occasional conflict. However, if at least one of the following is happening in your relationship, then there’s no question that it should end.

If you are:

  • being physically, emotionally, verbally, socially, and/or sexually abused
  • prevented from interacting with family and friends
  • taken advantaged of in any way: be it money, property, or any of your resources
  • constantly cheated on with no remorse

If none of these are happening in the relationship, then here are 10 signs on how to know if a relationship is worth saving.

10 Signs on How to Know When to Fight For a Relationship

1. Mutual Respect is Present

Even though you are fighting, you can still feel deep respect from your partner. He or she knows that digging up your past mistakes will hurt you, so he or she doesn’t bring it up when you fight; your partner may be angry at you for not quitting smoking, but he or she doesn’t name call you or target you as a person, but rather the behavior of smoking.

When the both of you still value and respect each other despite annoying each other to death, then you know the relationship is still worth saving.

2. You Still Trust Each Other

Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship, and despite fighting all the time, if you still trust each other, then there’s no need to end it.

If you trust him or her enough to let him have a girls’ or boys’ night out and vice versa, then you know you’ve got something good.

3. You’re Both Free to Be Yourself

Relationships should be about two different people having two separate lives but choose to spend time and stay together. Relationships are never about owning another person. So if you feel like you are free to be yourself, to do whatever you want, and pursue your passions while in the relationship, then it’s worth fighting for.

4. You Share Similar Core Values

Arguments may be constant but if you know that you share the same core values, then nothing can rock your relationship to the point of breaking. If you have the same values on parenting, education, religion, politics, or many areas in life, it’s almost a sure sign that you’re going to get along.

5. You Still Enjoy Spending Time Together

You may not be on speaking terms right now but when your favourite band is coming to town and the first person you want to tell is your partner, then you know you still want to spend time together.

Although you may feel like things are getting boring or there’s a lack of passion in the relationship, if he or she is still the first person you think of accompanying you to a concert, to a new restaurant, or to an out of country trip, then maybe he or she is still worth it.

6. You Still Laugh Together

Try laughing in a room with someone you hate. Sounds impossible, right? If you still find yourself laughing at his or her jokes, or laughing while watching a movie together, then it’s a sure sign that you still enjoy their company.

7. He/She Still Turns You On

If you only met your partner today, would you find him or her attractive? If you go to a bar or party and you see your partner standing in a crowd, does he or she still turn you on?

Physical attraction is one of the most telling signs that you’re still infatuated with your partner. And infatuation is crucial to keeping the romance alive.

You may argue a lot and lack common ground on many things in life, but if you still find him or her attractive, then maybe the relationship is still worth fighting for.

8. You Only Think About Breaking Up After a Fight or When You’re Angry

Think about it, do you only ask yourself, is the relationship worth fighting for, only when you’re angry or after a fight? When you’re not arguing, or when he or she doesn’t call you out on your mistakes, how do you feel? Do you still think about breaking up?

People say and do crazy things when they’re angry, which means you shouldn’t make any decisions when you feel this emotion. Or you’ll regret it, for sure.

But if it’s constantly filling your mind, if breaking up is all you think about even when he or she is being romantic, then there may be something wrong.

9. Both of You Are Willing to Work on It

So you don’t agree on where to send the kids to school, or what country to visit. Do you make compromises?

You want to go to Thailand and sunbathe and explore the culture, while your partner wants to go to Scandinavia to watch the Northern Lights. So what do you do? Do you continue to argue?

Healthy relationships are about making compromises and meeting each other in the middle. Both of you should want to work on the issues and problems in the relationship. If you’re the only one who wants to work on it, then you’ll feel exploited and unappreciated, which can lead to contempt – the deadliest emotion for relationships.

10. Both of You Have a Desire for Concrete Change

So your partner is always late and for years you’ve tolerated waiting for him or her at your favourite restaurant, or on an out of town trip, or to a doctor’s appointment. For months now, you’ve been wanting him or her to change. Does he/she make an effort to come on time?

If he or she tells you that it’s his or her way or the highway, then the relationship is probably not on equal standing. If your partner has a damaging or negative personality trait that you’re calling out, then they must be willing to accept it and make an effort to at least try to change for you or for themselves.

Being romantic is great; spending time together if fun; and both of you may still be incredibly attracted to each other. But if none of you are willing to make changes for negative behaviour, then there’s no need for you to be in the relationship.

If you accept your negative behaviour and have a desire to make concrete change and actually make an effort to do so and vice versa, then that’s one of the best signs that you should still fight for the relationship.

Contemplating about breaking up in the first place is a sign in itself. It could be a sign that you should leave the person, that change must happen, or maybe you’re just having a bad day. Whatever it is, it’s always a great idea to analyse many aspects in the relationship before you do make a decision to stay or leave.

But if you still experience most of these 10 signs, then maybe you’re just having a bad day. So why don’t you head home to your loved one, and make everything all right again.

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