How to Plant Grass Seed Without Chemical Fertilizer

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To ask yourself how to plant grass seed without chemical fertilizer, you will send all green fanatics through the roof!  It is of great consideration planting without the use of fertilizers; harvesters and planters would refer to this as organic planting.  Getting rid of the chemical factor from the process has a lot of things that you should be happy with, but you should also be prepared for the downside of not using the infamous chemical formula.

Pros and cons of not using fertilizer when planting grass seed

For the good part, learning how to plant grass seed without using chemical fertilizer means not harming the land with any form of chemicals making it as naturally healthy as it is.  For the grass, it can grow to its full natural size and color and you will only be surprised how well plants can grow without the aid of mixed chemicals and such.

You will also be spending less from your pocket since you won’t need the fertilizers and other chemicals for you grass seed planting.  The best part, you have an alternative for the chemical fertilizer, which is the organic version of it.  Dead branches, leaves, decaying produce even manure serves as an organic fertilizer.  This is commonly found in nature like forests.  You can have this option applied to your grass seed planting too.

The downside however, is the speed your plants grow.  Fertilizers are made to increase the growth rate of plants giving you results faster than the natural process it takes for a plant.  You also need to consider the fact that such chemicals are made for the betterment of your grass and not to harm you.  Besides, if you are only planting it for your lawn and not to graze your animals with, there won’t be any harm to using chemicals.  The choice however is yours to make.

The process of how to plant grass seed without fertilizer

The first step is to clear the area from any form of debris.  You can till it first and then remove the obstacles after.  Loosen the ground thoroughly making sure that the entire area is ready for planting. Soil should be dug around 2-3 inches deep, then unwanted particles like stones shall be removed from the soil and soil should be cleaned. Big clumps of soil should be broken down. Once ready proceed to the next step.

Mix a bag or two (depending on the size of land) of top soil with a handful of grass seed in a container.  Mix the two thoroughly keeping in mind that it should be loose almost like sand.

Sprinkle the mixed soil and seed all over that area covering every space. Starting on the area where you want to plant.  Doing this in spring time can provide you with the best result possible.  If you plan on planting during the fall, use un-hulled seeds.  The seeds require a certain level of temperature that ranges to above 65 degrees for it to start the germination process.  With a temperature lower than this, the seeds won’t be able to germinate since there is no adequate moisture in the soil.

The next step usually is the part where you place fertilizer on the soil, but since you’re not going to use fertilizer, skip and proceed to the next step.  Water the area with the sprinkler that you have or manually do so if you have the time and you feel like doing it by hand.  Just remember to keep it moist and not wet.  For the next couple of days or weeks, monitor the growth of your grass and by the time it grows an inch high, there will be less watering needed.

Growing grass from seed will also depend upon the type of seed you are using, if you are using warm season seeds then plant them in early summer or late spring, if you are using cool season seeds then plant them in early spring. Grass seeds grow in particular temperature and require the favorable conditions, if favorable conditions are not provided the seeds will not germinate well.

A couple of months later, your lawn will have improved with a thicker and lusher one. At that time, you should use a good self-propelled mower to maintain a nice look for your lawn.


Learning how to plant grass seed without chemical fertilizer is a great step you can do to go green and organic not only with grass but with other plants as well. Anyone can have their own garden, the only thing required is that one should keep in mind the points given above before planting the grass.

Once the grass is planted, one should take care of it afterwards as well. Take care about when the cutting with a lawn mower is required; proper watering on regular basis. Just follow these and have a wonderful garden of your own.

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