Importance of Liking and Commenting on Facebook Group Posts

Facebook Image

Posting your Zukul and Zukul Ad Network advertisements to high subscriber, related Facebook groups is a great way of advertising for free. You can make this process so much more powerful simply by adding a “Like” and a “Comment” to a handful of the posts entered by your Zukul and Zukul Ad Network colleagues. The simple process of adding a comment bumps the post right back to the top of the page. If you add comments to 3 or 4 posts in quick succession, you will be pushing all of these posts back to the top of the page giving the Zukul and Zukul Ad Network businesses some excellent free exposure to more and more people.

So, once you have submitted your own post, use the group search facility and enter “Zukul” or “Zukul Ad Network”. All ads including these terms will then be listed. Just add your likes and comments to a few posts and you are done. If everybody made this process a part of their daily routine we would take both Zukul and Zukul Ad Network right to the top in no time at all!

Gavin is an internet marketer and co-owner of Gavin lives in Barry in south Wales with his wife, Didem and cats, Munchie and Pixie.