How Small Changes Can Drastically Improve Employees Productivity

Employees Productivity

Making small but significant improvements in the work environment can enhance the safety, morale and the efforts made by the employees. In the competitive world, we live in, productivity at work is essential for every business.

The question many employers are asking themselves is – how to improve the productivity of the workers? Performance is directly correlated with customer satisfaction, cost reduction, and better profits. Usually, factors such as the work safety, employee morale, and production rate are those which have an effect on productivity.

The production rate

In the past, most industries paid their workers based on the piecework or the number of units each person produces per hour or per work shift. Today, it is clear that the parts made by an employee are only one of the factors which affect the productivity of a company.

If for example, the supplier has not provided the necessary materials for the production in time, the number of parts made cannot be a basis for measuring productivity. Some companies measure their productivity by the total number of complete products which meet the quality requirements. Others measure it by counting the waste which is produced during the production process.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is also essential for the productivity of the workers. If your employees are wearing the wrong type of safety gloves which don’t allow them to hold items or perform the tasks required properly can definitely have a negative impact on their productivity.

A simple step such as providing your workforce with the appropriate gloves, safety work boots, or other PPE gear can have a crucial effect on their productivity. Today, there are modern work gloves which provide advanced grip, moisture wicking and other features which enhance the comfort, dexterity as well as the tactile sensitivity and thus helps the people wearing them do their jobs properly and efficiently.

The safety

There is no doubt that the safety of the workers is directly linked to their productivity. Injuries at work can be very costly for the company and can lead to a serious decline in the productivity. Even the smallest of injuries can stop an employee from performing their job. If many workers keep sustaining even minor injuries, the employee should think about implementing proper safety procedures and provide suitable and comfortable PPE.

A company which makes doors and windows managed to decrease the number of hand injuries at work to minus 77% and save more than $100,000 from first aid expenses just for a year. This was done by providing abrasion and cut resistant gloves to their workers and requiring them to wear them at all times when working.

Serious injuries can lead to huge medical bills, insurance, and compensation costs, as well as costs associated with finding substitutes for the injured worker and training them. This is why taking steps to make a serious risk assessment analysis and based on that to create a safety program including; safety instruction, possible changes in the work procedures as well as implementing the use of appropriate PPE can save companies hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars per year.

Workers morale

When the workers see and feel that you care about their safety and well-being, and actually feel safer at their jobs they are happy and confident. People who are worried about their safety tend to work slower which affects their productivity. On the other hand, when they are properly protected, they will not be hesitant and can do their jobs quickly and with confidence.

There are studies which show that companies in which the workers feel safer and more confident have relatively lower levels of absenteeism and employee turnover.

A PPE assessment

By doing an internal PPE assessment, the employer can find ways to increase productivity lower the waste and identify the best practices for the work process. A proper assessment can find whether workers are using the most appropriate PPE for the tasks they need to handle so that they are safe but the PPE doesn’t affect the quality and rate of their production.

Employers may find that making changes in the location of the workstations, or changes in the work procedures themselves can save a lot of time for the workers and allow them to produce more items per hour than before. The PPE assessment should be based on benchmarking, in order to enable the measurement of the investments made and the return after the new procedures, PPE or other changes have been implemented.

It is not uncommon for companies who make the right adjustments as a result of their PPE analysis to be able to increase their productivity by 30 or more percent.


Workers who feel safe at their job are much more confident and productive. By determining the reasons for the injuries which occur at a workplace, the employers can find the best PPE and safety measures or other changes to the work process which can help prevent them, and thus make their workers feel much more happy, safe and confident to proceed with their jobs without hesitation or fear.

By implementing proper safety procedures, instructions, and protective equipment, the costs related to injuries will be reduced, and the overall productivity will improve!

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