Making Money Online With Launch Jacking

Making Money Online With Launch Jacking
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Grab Easy Affiliate Commissions From New Product Launches

In simple terms, launch jacking is a process through which you can take advantage of the traffic and momentum of an upcoming product launch. You can use this fairly straight forward process to earn some excellent affiliate commissions if you succeed in backing a quality product launch.

When a new product is about to launch, there is not a great deal of information about the product on the internet simply because the product has yet to launch. Therefore, when a potential customer searches for the product name or a related search term on the run up to, or just following the launch, there will not be many websites with information about this product.

So, if you publish a small, quality website and optimize it for your chosen product launch, you are more likely to achieve high search engine rankings simply because there will be limited competition for you at that moment in time. Here are some important steps that show you how to use launch jacking to maximize your returns.

1) Find a Good Product to Promote

It is important to do some thorough initial research before selecting your first launch jacking product. There are a number of quality online platforms available where you can hear about the very latest product launch announcements. Here are 4 or the leading websites from which to check out these product launches.

Once you spot a product launch that interests you, it is worth checking out the potential size of the market that this product in entering. There is no point in backing a product that has a very limited market to go at. It is also worth checking out the person(s) behind the product. If the creator of your chosen product is a successful launcher of products in a given niche, you will probably find that a huge number of people will be getting into this launch jack along with you. The downside of this is that your competition could be fairly large from the outset. The positive aspect of backing a popular product/creator is that you are guaranteed to sell this product in good numbers if you manage to rise above your competition.

On the flip side, if you opt to back a product that is being launched by a new entrepreneur the chances are that this product will have far fewer followers in the launch jacking arena and therefore you will have a much greater chance of hitting page 1 of Google etc with your promotions. If this chosen product turns out to be a ‘gem’ you could make a lot of money.

Ultimately it makes sense to select and promote products that you have some sort of interest in; you may wish to choose products from a niche that you already have considerable knowledge in. I personally like to go for products that I feel have long term potential. What is the point in backing products with your time, effort and money if you think they will be gone within a year?

Generally speaking I like to have at least a 4 week lead in to a new product launch. This period typically gives me the time necessary to set up my launch jacking campaign properly and give it time to establish itself ahead of the official launch.

2) Purchase A Domain Name

The next step is to choose a domain name related to the product you will be promoting. It’s better to choose a domain name that ends in .com; a .net and .org would be my second and third choices if the .com is not available. You should choose a domain name that’s an exact match of the product and use the suffix ‘review’. For instance, if the product is called “Gavin’s Web Profits”, a great domain to secure would be something like When new products hit the online market place, curious web searchers often search for the brand name of the product followed by “review”. So, buying a domain name that includes the product brand name and the word “review” would put you in a great position for ranking well in Google from the very start

3) Set Up A Website

Once you have purchased the domain name, it’s important to set up a professional and optimised website. Personally, I always opt for WordPress for creating my websites. It is the leading blogging platform on the web today and is fairly straight forward to use. You also need to find a reliable and cost effective hosting service for your site. There are many good ones out there but I use Hostnine and Hostgator and have never had any major problems with either.

Once I have set up my WordPress site I typically grab any promotional banners, affiliate links and images from the vendor website for the product I have chosen to promote. I will also set up a data capture form on my site in an attempt to grab the email addresses of individuals who are interested in the launch jacking product. I will always offer a quality giveaway product, such as an eBook, to try and entice visitors to leave their email address. They will then receive a series of promotional emails over the days that follow, promoting the product that I have backed. This email content is usually supplied by the vendor so you do not have to worry about writing it yourself. There are many good auto responder services out there; the 2 big names in the market are Aweber and Getresponse. I use Fluttermail and find it perfectly adequate and very cost effective.

Securing a prospect’s email is crucial as this can then be used to not only market your current product offerings but also future launch jacks that you choose to promote.

Step 4: Add Content To Your Website

The first piece of content that I add to the site is a simple welcome post that summarises the product and gives details about the launch date. Over subsequent days leading up to the official launch date I will add additional content to the site, building more specific product information as well as details about the product creators. Adding a balanced review post is also something that I make a habit of. Try not to be overly promotional but instead offer both the good and the bad points of the product in your opinion. Your website visitors will trust you a lot more and believe in what you are saying if you offer a balanced opinion.

Of course it is vital to remember to dot your affiliate links a few times throughout the posts on your site and also place your data capture form in an obvious place that is impossible to miss.

Step 5: Create Back Links

As soon as I have published my website, I immediately go out and start to add a number of backlinks to my site to help give it some traction on the web. Here is one very important cautionary note. As domains used for launch jacking purposes are typically brand new domains, you have to be extremely careful not to over link these domains and get them penalised in some way.

My backlink automation tool of choice is GSA Search Engine Ranker. GSA is a great piece of software but you have got to use it properly and treat it with a great deal of respect. If you get carried away with tools such as this, you can cause your site irreparable damage.

I also like to use some of the blog posting/back linking services offered on There is a lot of garbage on offer here but there are also many ‘gems’ to be found if you look carefully.

Step 6: Create A Review Video

At the same time as getting my launch jacking website online, I like to publish a short YouTube video review to give people an overview of the product that is about to hit the market place. This is more of a video teaser as the video will link to the full product review on my website.

As soon as I publish my video review, I go about generating some backlinks to it again using GSA Search Engine Ranker.

Step 7: Additional Promotional Tools

As I typically opt for a 4 week lead in to all my chosen launch hacking products, my website and/or video are usually ranked on page 1 of Google by the time the launch actually takes place. If I have not managed to cement my place on the first page of Google I will usually do some additional work to try and bolster my search engine rankings.

Here are some of the supplementary tools I will add to my marketing mix:

1. Press is a great place to go to have your press release written and submitted and often just for $5.

2. Web 2.0 Blogs – I always add Squidoo and HubPages to help generate that all important quality link juice.


The launch jacking process mentioned here is not that different from setting up and promoting a typical affiliate product the right way. The main advantage is that you are selecting a brand new product which as yet has very little written about it on the web. By launching a website promoting this new product, you will have very little initial competition and should therefore be able to rank your site very easily, allowing you to grab some early affiliate sales if the product proves to be a popular one. Naturally, not all products that you back as part of your launch jacking strategy will make you money but the more you try the better you will become. By working through the numbers you will hit some new product launch ‘gems’ that will make you a considerable sum of money.

Wishing you the best of luck in all your launch jacking endeavours!

Gavin is an internet marketer and co-owner of Gavin lives in Barry in south Wales with his wife, Didem and cats, Munchie and Pixie.