LottoSpring Review – Is This New Social Lottery Opportunity Worth a Look?


Product Name: LottoSpring
Vendor: Jamie Mather
Product Type: Social Lottery Game and Opportunity
Website: Go Here
Launch Date: 15th October 2015
Price: €33/€66 Every 4 Weeks

What is LottoSpring?

LottoSpring is a newly launched social lottery game and business opportunity that provides its members many ways to make and/or win money.

Here are the games that LottoSpring members can enter each month:

1. Mega Hybrid Syndicate Lotto Games

Upon joining LottoSpring, you will be included in a 50-member syndicate, enjoying 8 jackpot games and sharing 400 entries every 28 days.

LottoSpring then uses the numbers drawn in the Official EuroMillions Lottery to maintain 100% Transparency. Aside from this, the draws are not linked in any way whatsoever.

So, what are the draws that you get entered into every month?

LottoSpring Mega 5

This draw has a jackpot prize of €5 million and is drawn every Tuesday. If your personal syndicate numbers match all the drawn numbers, then you win €1 million and the remaining €4 million will be equally shared by the other 49 members of your syndicate.

LottoSpring Mega 10

This draw has a jackpot prize of €10 million and is drawn on the first 3 Fridays of each month. If your personal syndicate numbers match all the drawn numbers, you will collect €2 Million and the remaining €8 Million will be shared equally between the 49 remaining syndicate members.

LottoSpring Mega 50

This draw has a jackpot prize of €50 million and is drawn on the 4th Friday of each month. If your personal syndicate numbers match all the drawn numbers you will collect €10 Million and the remaining €40 Million will then be shared equally between the 49 remaining syndicate members.

Important Note:

For the LottoSpring Mega 5, 10 and 50, your syndicate will win the jackpot if any of your syndicate entries match the 5 Main Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars from that days Official Euro Millions draw.

The 2nd prize is 200,000 for matching 5 Main Numbers + 1 Lucky Star and the 3rd prize is 100,000 for matching 5 Main Numbers.

2. Smaller Personal Prizes

There are many other ways that you can win prizes in LottoSpring aside from the jackpot prizes. Based on the matches of your personal numbers, you can also pick up smaller prize money wins at the lower end of the prize winning tier levels ranging from €5 for matching 2 Main Numbers right up to €10,000 for matching 4 Main Numbers and 2 Lucky Stars.

3. Social Lotto Benefits

There are many other ways to earn at LottoSpring. Among these are the Social Lotto Benefits where you get to have the opportunity to start leveraging the power of social media and word-of-mouth to help you build your social circles within the LottoSpring business.

This process will dramatically increase your chances of earning more money at LottoSpring. When you become a member, you will be given the necessary tools to introduce LottoSpring to your peers. Once you recruit members to the business, they will be placed in your 5×6 matrix. Your Matrix is like your very own LottoSpring organisation or hierarchy – when you bring in 5 people, they will then each be able to recruit their very own 5 people as well and each of those 5 people will also be able to recruit their very own 5 people and so on. Once you reach 6 generations or levels of 5 people recruited, you will then have a complete 5×6 Matrix.

To make this clearer, here is the expected number of members for each level or generation of recruits:

Level 1 = 5 Members
Level 2 = 25 Members
Level 3 = 125 Members
Level 4 = 625 Members
Level 5 = 3125 Members
Level 6 = 15625 Members
Total = 19530 Members

Every time a member in your matrix wins a prize, you get to collect a 5% Bonus Prize. If the member you personally introduced to your matrix wins a prize, you will collect a 10% Bonus Prize.

Understanding Blitz Tickets

Every time a member in your matrix keeps their membership running for a complete 4 week period, you will earn 100 Blitz Points.

If you are the one who personally introduces a member who keeps their membership running for a 4 week period, you will earn 200 Blitz Points.

For every 300 Blitz Points you accumulate, you are given a Free Blitz Ticket that will give you the chance to win between €1 and €50,000.

The draw for these Blitz Tickets occurs every Friday and uses the first 5 drawn numbers in the official EuroMillions draw for that day.

What is the Cost of Joining LottoSpring?

To become a member of LottoSpring, all you need to do is pay €33 for every 4 week cycle. But as soon as you bring in 3 members, you then receive a 100% full refund, which means joining LottoSpring can quickly become a risk-free investment.

What is the ProSpring VIP Membership?

The ProSpring VIP Membership is for those who are keen to earn and win more and will also receive a more advanced suite of promotional tools to help build your LottoSpring matrix.

Why Become a ProSpring VIP Member?

LottoSpring in itself provides opportunities for each member to earn but when you become a ProSpring VIP member, you can take your earning ability to another level.

Here are the ProSpring Benefits:

  • Earn additional Blitz Points and Tickets (Between 200 & 600)
  • Receive a Free Full Ticket giveaway as an invite to give to a prospect in every game. This free giveaway allows you to effectively market LottoSpring to your target audience at zero cost.
  • Access to the ProSpring Ranking System where you can win even more prizes. As your team develops, you get to earn an ever growing number of points resulting in the winning of more and more prizes on a regular basis.

How Much Does it Cost to Join as a ProSpring Member?

The ProSpring Membership costs €66 every 4 weeks but if you introduce 3 ProSpring members, then your invested amount will be fully refunded, which means your ProSpring membership will cost you nothing.

Who Can Join LottoSpring?

Millions of people worldwide can join LottoSpring. Unfortunately residents from the following countries will not be allowed to join:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Cayman Islands, Ecuador, France, Guyana, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Myanmar, North Korea, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Sudan, Syria, Uganda, USA, Yemen

Is LottoSpring Licensed?

Yes! LottoSpring is a Fully Licensed and Audited Game and Membership System & adheres to the standards and practices of payment providers and gaming authorities. We have also learned that LottoSpring has a license from the Curaçao gaming authority and their license number is 8048JAZ2013-014.

Who Owns and Runs LottoSpring?

Jamie Mather is the CEO of LottoSpring and owns 100% of the company.

What is Our Opinion of LottoSpring?

There are countless lotto affiliate programs and MLM opportunities worldwide, the majority of which never stand the test of time. So, do we think LottoSpring will be any different? Well, the premise of LottoSpring is very simple. People are familiar with lottery syndicate play and from our experience people on the whole enjoy packaged subscription lottery games especially when they are receiving an odds boost.

We think that the opportunity side of the business is brilliant! People love sharing information that they find fun and/or interesting across social media each and every day. Why should it be any different with LottoSpring? If a member is enjoying their membership or better still receives a cash prize in one of the draws, they are highly likely to share this across their chosen social media platform. As LottoSpring grows and more and more people spread the word, more and more people will be joining your social circles and increasing your winning/earning potential as they do. We feel that many people who don’t necessarily consider themselves to be business minded, will be building large LottoSpring teams without consciously realising that they are doing it.

LottoSpring is now in pre-launch, so although the games are not available to play yet, you can register and start building a team of business minded individuals ahead of the official launch in October 2015. If you take the pre-launch period seriously, you can have a sizable team primed to signup to the 4 weekly subscriptions when the official launch takes place, resulting in quick income generation.

We genuinely like the look of both the games on offer here as well as the associated business opportunity and is well worth checking out!

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