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The Power of Automation

Have you ever wondered how some businesses seem to rise effortlessly to the top of the search results when you Google something? Or how someone you know, running their own company, gets great results from social media and online presence, without spending their lives hunched in front of a computer?

We totally understand why you might hesitate to plunge into a world of online media management. After all, it’s probably not what you went into business for. You may be in the creative or inventive industries, you may enjoy the cut and thrust of financial deals, or the satisfaction of providing exceptional service. Wherever your heart lies, it’s not in managing an endless array of virtual publicity tools.

The power of automated processes is one of the greatest a director can harness. Those in the know refuse to do it all themselves because, if you’re an expert negotiator, operator, manager or developer, why would you spend time on a skill set that could just as well be performed by a robot?

Get on with what you do best; let MagicSubmitter do the rest.

We’ll send you to the top of Google, get people visiting your website, win you more clicks, customers, views and friends . . . automatically.

What can Magic Submitter do for you?

If you do happen to know a thing or two about online marketing, here’s a few specifics about what MagicSubmitter can achieve:

* Send your articles, videos, blogs, bookmarks, forums and press releases to 500+ sites (and if there are any particular sites you want added on, you can do so any time you want)
* Create hundreds of verified accounts for your company
* Generate thousands of backlinks
* Manipulate your submissions to create fresh original content
* Cross Captcha borders
* Capture, organise, Ping! and bookmark your links
* Create a 365-days-a-year marketing schedule
* Provide article directories, video sites, forums, press release and PDF sites, WordPress and other blog sites, and social/micro/niche sites

Magic Submitter Link Building ImageFor just $4.95 (with full money-back guarantee), MagicSubmitter will give you an initial month-long trial. For this you get the software to set up all the autopilot systems listed above. In addition, you can enter MagicSubmitter’s interactive forums for help and advice, contact our customer support desk, or explore our video training vault, which holds over 60 training videos on all aspects of marketing. In addition, each month you’ll receive updates and have the chance to participate in a live online ‘Coaching Call’ session.

Such a suite of software would normally cost around $300 per month. If you decide to stay with us after your trial, MagicSubmitter costs just $67 per month. Given the constantly changing state of online media and marketing methods, the monthly updates and coaching sessions aren’t unnecessary extras: they will be essential in the future to keep your company ahead of the competition. In this context, $67 is a bargain.

Visit today, email [email protected], or Skype okrulik

And get on with what you do best. Good luck!

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