Moving Home? 3 Tips to Help You Move Like a Pro

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When it comes to moving, many of us have had experiences that resemble a nightmare. From having half of your dishes smashed upon arrival, to pulling a muscle in your back, to taking an entire extra day longer to move. All these moving disasters are things can be avoided by planning ahead, having the right tools, and taking action. Following these 3 tips can help you turn a nightmare into a dream – or at least a more stress-free reality. Moving home needn’t be a nightmare.

  1. Planning Ahead

There is simply no substitute for planning ahead. It is the foundation for your entire moving situation! Failing to do so will cause you to be rushed, stressed, and more likely to forget things. Forgetting things of course will cause you to be more rushed and stressed and it continues to snowball.

While there is no right or wrong amount of time to give yourself to plan, it is always best to err on the side of too much time. The more time you spend planning and thinking about it, the more likely you are to remember something you may have forgotten.

If you have a lot of things to move, you can start packing early with seasonal decor, heirloom items, and other things not used frequently. This will also be a great opportunity to allow you to get rid of anything you no longer use or want, thus reducing what you need to move.

You should obviously plan to have the right resources and tools at your disposal for packing and moving. This includes quality cardboard boxes, paper padding, dollies, moving blankets, rental trucks, etc. You can rent or buy these items online or likely at a nearby hardware store.

You will also want to plan on getting help with your move as well. You will be amazed at how fast your move can go with the right amount of help. You can hire people to help, but it is always nice to have help from family and friends. If you will be asking for help from your amazing family and friends, you should plan on treating them right so that everyone has a good experience.

This includes planning ahead and letting them know several weeks in advance that you would appreciate their help. It is also fairly common to provide a meal for them, so make sure you have enough food to fuel your help.

  1. The Right Tools

Having the right tools to aid your moving adventure will make or break your effectiveness, and perhaps the backs of those you have gathered to help you out! In the planning stage you should have gathered the right tools for the job well in advance. Always be sure to explore all your options as there may be tools that can save you a lot of work that you did not know about before. Then take a bit of time to learn how to use the tools you selected before you get started on moving day.

Taking this bit of time to learn about the tools will help you be more effective and even avoid injury. Many of the tools seem very straight forward, but looking for some professional tips online can really boost your efficiency. YouTube is a great place to find demonstration videos from professionals that know what they doing. Learning more about these tools will help save you time and frustration the day of your move, something everyone involved will appreciate.

  1. Taking Action

There is a fine line between getting stuff done while having fun with those who came to help you out, and turning your moving day into a social event where half the people stand around talking and the other half work away in frustration. It is nice to talk with everyone, but it is also nice not to be moving things in the dark after the sun goes down!

A lot of these situations can be avoided by you simply setting the tone. If you are working hard moving things around others usually follow suit. If you are taking a water break, others usually stop and take a break too. So if you keep yourself on task, most everyone will follow the leader.

If a group gets distracted (fairly common with family and friends of course), a gentle way to get them working again is to simply ask one of them to help you carry something. This will break up the conversation they are having and get everyone back on track. The key here is not to be overly aggressive about your requests and to have patience during the process.

Keeping these 3 moving tips in mind, you will be well on your way to a successful, stress-free moving experience. Who knows, you might even have a bit of fun along the way!

Dustin Montgomery has been a part of one too many bad moving situations. Now working with he is on a mission to save the world from bad moving experiences by sharing his knowledge with all who will listen.