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In 1934, the original ‘mad scientist,’ a flamboyant American inventor named Nikola Tesla, made an extraordinary announcement: “Electrical power is everywhere, present in unlimited quantities. It can drive the world’s machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other fuel.”

His claim was ambitious, admittedly. But the surprising thing is how completely it was written off. For despite the refusal of the world to take him seriously – something possibly not helped by his personal eccentricities – Tesla knew a thing or two about energy. He had worked with Thomas Edison and gained fame as one of the designers of the AC supply system: the electrical supply system that is still used worldwide today. In the scientific world, he is far from a nonentity: magnetic strength is measured in Tesla units, in his honour. Just take a look at these 10 Nikola Tesla inventions that changed the world and revel in the genius of this man.

Tesla believed that the Earth was surrounded by a great field of electrical energy, which it should be possible to unlock and use. However his idea fell into obscurity and, after his death in 1943, any papers (if they existed) upon the topic were lost.

Or so it seemed. But the idea has resurfaced. And it seems Tesla wasn’t crazy after all; in fact, his invention has great implications for the future.

And it is available to anyone.

This discovery couldn’t have come at a better time. The effects of recession are still lingering on; and increasing energy bills add to the stress. For many of us, being able to reduce these bills, and free money up for other expenses, would be a wonderful and liberating thing.

The Nikola Tesla Secret costs just $47. The ‘Secret’ is simply the blueprint (a set of instructions) that tells you how to build Tesla’s Device and generate free electricity. The cost of parts for the Device should be less than $100, bringing the total spend to under $150.

Free Electricity Generator for your home imageThis free energy generator can create enough power to fuel anything from a light bulb to an industrial-size refrigerator; and it is portable, so you can take it wherever you go.

The low cost of the Tesla Device is part of what makes it so significant. There are other solutions to high energy bills, of course – but they often require initial outlays beyond the means of many people (solar panels, for example, can take up to 30 years to recoup their installation costs). You can imagine how quickly $150 can be recouped; and the Tesla Device, once built, lasts for years.

So far, nearly a quarter of a million people (across 160 countries) are successfully using Tesla’s free electricity generator products to create power.

If you do decide to buy, as a special bonus, you’ll also receive a set of books on renewable energy and green living. And there’s a 100% money back guarantee – and you have 60 days to decide whether you’re happy. So there’s really no risk. Good luck.

If you think you’re one of the people who can benefit from Nikola Tesla’s moment of genius, visit Nikola Tesla Secret.

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