Office Renovation Plans – Things to Take Notice of

Office Renovation Plans Picture

Moving and renovating an office can be quite a challenge, whether the business itself is small or big. Of course – bigger the business, bigger the challenge, but it doesn’t always have to be like that.

There are some simple tips and tricks you need to keep in mind when planning an office renovation. You need to know that this is a really important step for your business and it has to be meticulously planned out, but it isn’t impossible. We’ve searched the web and we’ve gathered some basic things to keep in mind when renovating or moving your office.

Define a budget

If you’re running a small startup, you probably can’t afford some great theatrical changes or a penthouse office downtown, but still, if you and your employees feel that it’s time for a change, you need to react. Whether you’re going to move, or you plan on remodeling the current office, the first step you need to take is defining a budget.

You need to see how much money you can spend. Making a new Google office, while your company is suffering doesn’t seem like a good idea, and yet, you should avoid putting yourself and your employees through the torture of working in a cramped and uncomfortable space.

Define whether you can expand, how much work will be needed, how much of it can be done by your workers, and how to better utilize what you already have. Once you get the basic prices and costs, you will be able to understand how much money will be needed for certain things.

Get employees involved

Involve your employees as soon as you start planning the change. They are your workforce and their opinion should be very important to you. Most of them have various expertise in different areas, and you just never know how big of a help they can be.
Talk to your employees and listen to their ideas.

Try to make this new space more functional and practical for them as well as for yourself. Better workspace means higher productivity rates, which brings an increase in revenues, so taking their ideas to consideration may prove to be quite an investment.

Be realistic

Make sure your ideas and your budget are matched and be ready to be flexible. With large projects like renovating an office there are always a lot of things that can go wrong, so try to prepare for such a scenario.

Even though a lot of your ideas are perhaps very good, and would even help the entire office, think how doable they are. If you have to spend 2/3 of your renovation budget on implementing a good meeting room, you are not dealing with the issues that are really important. Try to generalize and address more important issues first, and as you proceed, go more into the detail. Make sure to always keep your feet on the ground.

Make a professional move

During the renovation of your office, there’s a lot of inventory to take care of. Whether you’re moving your office or renovating it, you need to pack and store your inventory in the best possible way.

Luckily there are a lot of self storage services that can provide just the help you need. Assemble a team of your employees and make sure your inventory is listed and labeled. Find the right unit and arrange a transport, or check if the services you chose to provide their own. Safely store your inventory to make sure your company can carry on with the business as usual as soon as the renovations are completed.

Follow the timeline

Probably the best way to complete this seemingly complicated process is to make a concrete timeline. Plan ahead how much time will be needed for certain parts of the renovating process, and don’t forget to add some buffer time for unexpected situations. Meet with the contractors, and get as much information beforehand in order to plan the timeline in detail, and it may help you save quite some time and money.


Renovating your office may ask for some careful planning and strategic thinking, but it’s not impossible to achieve. Take some time to properly plan out the entire process and make sure you double check everything before you embark on this adventure. You would be surprised by the positive effects of such a move, so start planning, and don’t be afraid.

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