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Choosing Your Baby’s Gender

No Need For Yellow!

Blue or pink?

It’s a simple question, but at a certain time in life – when you’re thinking about decorating the nursery – it can assume more importance than the rest of the rainbow.

Alicia Pennington, a midwife of 12 years’ experience, has a method for helping prospective families develop the way they want to. It’s natural, it’s safe, and it’s effective. We’ve all met that parent who, much as they love their other children, feel compelled to keep enlarging their family until they get that longed-for baby boy or girl. This is one way of avoiding the strain and completing your family as easily as possible.

The method isn’t infallible. But positive results of 112 out of 117 – that’s 94% – are, we think you’ll agree, about as good as you can get in this field. That’s the number of couples who successfully conceived their preferred baby gender by following Alicia’s method in the first year she put it into practice.

This is not a medical treatment. Such treatments can carry risks, are expensive (up to $20,000) and aren’t guaranteed to work in any case. Nor is any superstition involved such as astrology.

Alicia’s e-book guide, Prince or Princess? Steps towards choosing your baby’s gender before conception sets out clear and easy, natural steps any woman can take to help conceive a baby of the preferred gender. These include a dietary plan; how to measure your ovulation cycle and time intercourse; advice on sexual positions; how to boost fertility and control the pH levels in your own body; and additional factors such as female orgasm and when it can be a factor. Using her own methods, Alicia herself is now very happy with her firstborn daughter and subsequent son.

The factors outlined here may sound simple but they are backed up by months of research and years of experience. The reasoning behind them is explained in straightforward language, to ensure you know exactly what you are doing, when to do it and why.

Choosing Your Baby's GenderDon’t downplay the importance of your choices to you. It is far from foolish to plan ahead and avoid having a larger family than you can afford; in fact, it’s one of the most responsible things you can do. Nor is it selfish to take your own happiness seriously. Paradoxically, it’s sometimes the most responsible parents – those who don’t keep on trying and trying when they know they can’t afford it – who risk feelings of incompleteness later in life.

To take advantage of this method, order the Plan My Baby™ course for just $47 from It comes as an e-book (PDF) which can be downloaded to your Mac or PC. And for a limited time, we’ll throw in two more guides free of charge: A Healthy Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Secrets.

Take charge of your family’s future. Don’t leave it to fate or chance. Throw away the yellow swatches – enjoy decorating the nursery – in blue or pink!

Once success has been achieved and you have given birth to your beautiful baby there are many items that you will either want or need. These include things such as finding the best formula for your baby or a quality baby bottle sterilizer.

There are so many great online resources today that will help you discover all the things that you will need for your new baby, so you will never be short of important information.

To find out more visit Plan My Baby.

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