Reach The Right Audience For Your Business With These 8 Tips

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The key to your business is creating a strong and quality social media presence. Modern marketing campaigns are based on a multi-channel social media strategy, but in order to do it right, you need to know the nuances that differentiate every social channel.

Every one of them offers unique possibilities for you to grow and maintain your social reach. In order for your social media fronts to be an effective tool, you need to know how to properly generate a following. Here are 8 tips that you should try out.

Valuable content is key

Promoting your presence is not enough if it’s not something that’s worth following to begin with. All your posts need to comprise of valuable, useful and attractive content. Don’t focus on your products as much as on educational content that can attract more followers.

One of the basic rules is the 80/20 rule. 80% of your content needs to be of help and value to your audience, while 20% is ok to be self-promotional. A loyal audience will pay attention when you need to attract traffic to your website.

Use visuals to your benefit

Using visual content might be the most powerful asset for engaging your audience on social media. The reason behind this is the fact that this way you can express ideas in a quick and effective manner.

There’s a greater chance that your followers will engage with your content on social media if it contains pictures, so make sure that your posts include quality visual content such as photographs and designs.

Choose a good CMS

Choosing a good content management system is essential, because it affects performance, functionality and visual quality of your site. WordPress is a good choice for a CMS because it contains a significant amount of plugins that you can use to enhance the UX. When it comes to plugins that can help you improve your social reach, WordPress developers from Sydney recommend using Perfect Audience.

This plugin allows you to create web targeting campaigns that help you bring back lost customers and increase conversions and sales. Its purpose is retargeting, which is a method of placing an anonymous cookie in your visitor’s browser, so that they are later served with ads on Facebook and elsewhere that will remind them of your business and lead them back to your page.

Run a WordPress competition

Running a competition on your WP website entices your web community to interact with you. This is a good way to collect email addresses of your users, and grow your mailing list. There are multiple effects of competitions that will benefit your social reach. First, this will obviously help grow your audience.

People will engage in your content and then discuss it and share it online, and this will help you reach new followers. Second, by sharing your competitions on your social media accounts will improve your social media presence with all the likes, shares and followers it will gain. This will also increase awareness of your brand. Also, if you base your competitions around a product, your customers will basically market it for you.

Market yourself on all top social networks

Not having a profile on one or two of the most popular social networks will seem unprofessional to your customers, so consider it necessary. It is recommended that you have and maintain a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. You need to at least give people an option to contact you on a network of their choice.

However, you should focus most of your efforts on the networks where your customers spend most of their time.This takes some research, which you can do in various ways: by asking your customers, running anonymous surveys, using share data and checking where your content is being shared, as well as doing a keyword research.

Promote everywhere

You should promote your social presence everywhere you can: on different pages on your website, on your blog, in print advertising, via your email marketing, etc. Make use of the fact that many social media sites now have the official “Follow” buttons which you can implement on your site.

This is an easy way for people to start following you with a single click.You should cross promotion via all your social media accounts, as this will let your followers know where they can find you. This way you can convert your Facebook fans to become your Twitter followers, or your Twitter fans to follow you on Instagram, etc.

Add social sharing buttons to your content

You need to enable your visitors to easily share your content on their personal networks. You should add social sharing buttons, such as “Share on Instagram” or “Tweet This” to all your content: blog articles, email messages, landing pages, etc.

By getting your audience to share your content, you have the potential to reach a greater audience, beyond your already existing direct network of followers. If those people like the content that their friends are sharing, they might end up becoming your direct followers too.

Monitor analytics

There are various social media analytics tools that can help you use social media to gather significant customer insight. It is equally important for you to measure before a campaign as while it’s in effect. Defining what is success for you and getting the right metrics before and after the campaign will enable you to see what works and what doesn’t, so you can fix it in the future.

Keep in mind that building a significant social reach takes time, so patience is key. If you stay committed to the steps presented in this article, you will see the wanted results soon enough. Every social channel has its set of tricks, so learn to stay ahead of them and use their unique options to expand your audience.

Steven Clarke is a web entrepreneur and a business consultant. Apart from that, he is interested in home improvement, design, new technologies and he likes to put his ideas out there. When not working on new projects, he likes to spend his time in the great outdoors.