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How To Get The Cheapest Flights

Flying ought to be a pure slice of freedom. Who doesn’t love the idea of taking off for an exotic holiday, visiting distant relatives and old friends, or seeing the world? The only reason we can’t is that we don’t always have the money. If we did, who wouldn’t fly all the time?

Well, we can’t offer you completely free air travel. But we can enable you to get it a lot, lot cheaper than usual. Flying isn’t that expensive; airlines just want to maximise their profits. You can’t rely on travel agents or discount sites any more; extra fees and taxes pop up for the most extraordinary reasons – even for taking luggage (as if taking a change of clothing, on a two-week holiday, was optional).

But it’s not just a case of getting value for money from airlines. Flying whenever you like isn’t only handy at Christmas and the summer holidays. It changes you. You keep in touch more with all the important people in your life, re-affirming old bonds and following up interesting new connections, in business and in pleasure. All the Skyping and teleconferencing in the world isn’t always a substitute for the power of being in the same room.

One man can give you this flight to freedom: a former airlines reservations agent named Henry Rustkirk.

Henry worked in the airlines industry for nine years. Keen to give flyers the best experience, he lost his position when his superiors deemed that he wasn’t getting enough money out of their customers.

Perhaps you think the airlines were justified. Perhaps not. Either way, Henry has decided to publish a few things he learned in his nine years: and the number one thing is, you don’t have to pay giant sums of money to fly.

Henry’s guide explains how to: guard against hidden fees; catch special offers and time-limited deals; and find ‘hidden’ deals with a special browser method. It outlines how to get the most out of frequent flyer schemes, one-way international fares (this can save literally thousands of dollars) and a special North American travel pass; and what to do if you have a bad flight experience (never go uncompensated!). The guide covers ‘drop off’ and ‘skip it’ flights, multiple carriers, phrases to use when dealing with travel agents, buying online, discount sites, and additional information for students, seniors and families. It all adds up.

Henry’s guide (an e-book) was updated in January (2014) and costs just £19.95. If you don’t save twice that – £39.90 – on air fares within 60 days, you’ll get your money back.

Obviously, Henry’s guide is not great news for airline companies. They really, really don’t want you to read it. It’s just possible it may not be around for long, so grab a copy while you can and we’ll throw in some free bonus guides to airport security, car rentals and hotel reservations (with lifetime updates).


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