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Boost Your Rankings With This WP SEO Plugin

Learn all about the New Technology that will without doubt quickly improve your Google search engine rankings. Less than 1% of websites are currently embracing this new technology and are therefore missing out on this state-of-the-art SEO method.

Over the past few years there has been a huge shift in the way that the major search engines index our content. Small alterations in Google’s algorithm have affected every website owner either positively or negatively. It has been noticed by experts that it is no longer keywords alone that determine where your website ranks and keyword optimisation no longer has the affect on rankings that they once did.

The Redefining of internet search

It has been noted that the big search engines have teamed up and are redefining search into what is being referred to as the Semantic Web. The search analytics software company,, states that right now only 0.3% of all worldwide websites are making use of this technology even though it is being used in more than a third of all web searches. Therefore, 99.7% of all global websites are not taking advantage of this new technology and optimising their sites like they should be.

As intelligent as they are, search engine spiders and bots are capable of indexing your site’s content but even today they are unable to understand the context of your content. To put this another way, the search engines may think that they know what your site’s content is about but they are far from 100% certain!

So, what is the solution to this problem?

Introducing The Social SEO Pro Plugin

It has been proven that telling Google about the nature of your site’s content with the use of Rich Snippet Microdata can help boost ranking substantially but using this method alone is simply not the answer. Nowadays, when it comes to linking for SEO purposes, social media sharing now carries some of the most powerful ranking factors. Optimising your website solely with Microdata is no longer going to be sufficient so you absolutely must be optimising your site with social media in mind.

Today, the factors that ultimately rank your website are all interlinked by a sophisticated group of ranking factors that can literally mean the making of your online business if embraced or the failure of your business if ignored. Times have changed and the way you think about website rankings must also change. The Semantic Web is here and if you do not let the search engines and social networks know what your website is about, they are going to try and figure it out for themselves and they could get it very wrong.

Want to stay ahead of the game?

If you are keen to know exactly how to optimise your site for this new kind of search engine optimisation then you need to take a look at the Social SEO Pro Plugin for WordPress. Since it was first launched it has been an extremely popular plugin, downloaded more than 80,000 times. This is not just any old average SEO plugin but one that fully embraces the very latest internet ranking factors that you will need to understand if you are going to succeed online in 2014 and beyond. You simply can no longer base your site’s promotion on keyword rich content and inbound links as the sole method for ranking your website.

Do you want a WP SEO plugin that will help you to quickly profit from this amazing technology and keep the search engines and social networks from deciding what your website’s content is about? Well, it’s clearly time for you to use the Social SEO Pro plugin to make sure that they know EXACTLY what your site is about!

To find out more or to go ahead and order this fantastic piece of software visit Social SEO Pro Plugin For WordPress.

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