Tips For Having A Stress-Free Workplace

Stress free office image

Everybody gets stressed out at their workplace once in a while. Reasons for that can be numerous. You may feel unappreciated or underpaid. You may have few colleagues who are just plain annoying or loud. On the other hand, it may happen that your private life is in a tough spot, so you are stressed because it can affect your job performance. Reasons for stress can go on and on. Some issues just need time to get sorted out, but there are some tips which you can follow, and hopefully, they can improve the overall situation.

Organisation is the key

Cluttered workspace is one of the main sources of work-related stress. Therefore, start from your desk, cubicle, or office. At the first glance, you’ll be able to see a bunch of old documents, newsletters, magazines and business cards just laying all around. If you haven’t paid attention for some time, those piles could be more than a few inches thick. Go ahead and get organised, since that is the first step in your quest for stress-free workspace.

Make it yours

Putting a few photos of your loved ones on your desk can really make the place more comfortable. Every time you get upset, you can just give them a look and you’ll remember why are you doing that job. You don’t need to stop there. Print some motivational posters and spread them on the walls. You may as well add your favourite book, scented candle or a lamp from your childhood bedroom.

Work through changes

If you are one of those people who get anxious when something is going to change, try not to be, and give your best in order to adapt. This is a must since technology is developing, and the copy machine that you are used to is going to change completely in a few years. Try not to get tied to a specific device, rather accept improvements and innovation. Of course, some changes are not good, and that’s the time when you should react.

Avoid disturbance while working

Unfortunately, this attribute doesn’t come by default: you’ll have to learn it. Let’s say your desk is near the elevator door or you have a co-worker who likes to chat every few minutes. You’ll need to learn some technics to handle or ignore this type of situations. If you succeed at this, the levels of work-related stress will most certainly decrease.

Give life to your workplace

The best way to liven up your office is to make it green. That’s right, you’re going to need some plants if you want your stress reduced in no time. It is proven, more than once, that plants have a therapeutic effect on people. By adding just a few herbs, your blood pressure will normalise, humidity and temperature will drop, and you’ll generate more positive thoughts and feelings.

Get into designing

It is hard to see that colours, shades, and lighting can cause stress, but it is true. If you have a chance, and it’s allowed in your company, change wall colours. You’ll want to try with neutral colours because they have the calming effect. Blue and green are restful, the earthy palette will make your workplace warmer and yellow will increase your intellectual activity. Finding some custom blinds online for your windows, for example, can be a great addition to your stress-free environment. That way you can control the light and get privacy just in time to get your job done.

Don’t forget to move

Sitting in the same spot for hours can be rough. If you’re allowed to, feel free to get up every few hours and do some light exercises and stretching. Moving will rush the blood in your brain and you’ll feel refreshed after just a few minutes. You may as well play some soft relaxing music, just make sure that you’re not distracting someone else. Go ahead and check health program offers in your firm, there’s a great chance you’ll find what you need.

Develop great relationships

One of the major causes of stress on the work is the communication with co-workers. Try to understand them and make them understand you. Everything counts, body language more than words. Make sure to learn how to be assertive and spread the knowledge around the office. When people have healthy communication, they feel like they are part of a team and they’ll give their best to protect it.

Final thoughts

If you’ve incorporated just a few tips mentioned above, you are on a straight path toward the stress-free working environment. Make sure to try everything you can before giving up. If those suggestions failed to improve your well-being at your job, it is probably for the best to explore your other possibilities. It is crucial to draw back from the toxic environment, especially if it affects your health on daily basis.

Gavin is an internet marketer and co-owner of Gavin lives in Barry in south Wales with his wife, Didem and cats, Munchie and Pixie.