Tadoba Accommodation Options – Government Operated Lodges Are The Best

Tiger at Tadoba National Park

If you are planning to visit the Tadoba National Park, the accommodation options presently available may bring a big smile to your face. Show thumbs down to those expensive private resorts available in close proximity to this tiger reserve of Maharashtra.

The government along with the forest department took the initiative to open quality accommodation options in and around the national park. Presently, dormitories and a guesthouse have been opened close to the Moharli Gate. Some eco-huts are also planned and will be built near to the Kolara Gate.

The expensive private accommodation facilities

Tadoba does feature several quality private accommodation facilities. But, those are extremely expensive. Some of the best rooms may cost you in the range of 12,000 -15,000 INR per day. It can be a costly affair for your average tourist or those who have a limited budget to consider.

Government operated Tadoba accommodation rates

The eco-huts and luxurious suites on offer can be booked for 700 INR per day. The dormitory accommodation options cost 200 INR per day per bed. The bookings are easy to complete through the online portal of Maharashtra Tourism, MTDC. These government operated resorts at Tadoba National Park also come with meal facilities. These meals are usually prepared by local women and self-help groups.

Usually, the food can taste quite spicy. However, if you can ask for less spicy food, they can make preparation accordingly. But, then, you need to convey the message a little earlier, for example, a couple of hours, before the lunch session. A total of five eco-huts are available at Kolara Gate. If you are looking for luxurious and deluxe suites, you can find them at Moharli Gate. There are a total of 4 suites available there. Also, the dormitory available at Moharli Gate comes with 20 beds.

With such easy and affordable accommodation options made available in Tadoba, the place is turning into a top-notch wildlife tourism park in India. The presence of affordable lodges and dormitories cater largely to the middle-class tourists. Also, the locals cherish the employment options that are being created with the opening of government-based accommodation options.

If proper services are provided by these accommodation options, the tourist demand will start to increase by the day. However, the government should also keep an eye on the safety and the security of the tourists while ensuring a high level of cleanliness and hygiene at all times.

While Tadoba is famous for its tiger reserve, there are several other notable attractions in the surrounding area. There are many important attractions located nearby. There are some beautiful temples like, the Shankatmochan Hanuman Mandir, Shiva Temple, DurgaMandir, Ayappa Temple and St. Michael Church.

The Urjanagar Lake is a beautiful area to enjoy boating. The Tadoba Lake also offers a scenic landscape view. If you are visiting during the months of December or January, you will find many different species of birds around the Tadoba Lake.

Tadoba is a perfect weekend destination for people residing in and around Nagpur. It is only 140 km from this beautiful city of Maharashtra. The Tadoba National Park is a rich source of flora and fauna. Nature lovers simply love to spend some quality time in the heart of Tadoba. The accommodation options have also improved of late, in this part of Maharashtra. So, plan for a fantastic trip to this beautiful wildlife zone and enjoy!

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