Teaching Tech: Why Mini Projectors Are The Next Big Thing For The Classroom

Why Mini Projectors Are The Next Big Thing For The Classroom

A mini projector is not just another toy to fiddle around with. Sure, it’s great for watching movies and sharing nifty pictures with friends, but it can be quite useful for teachers as well – especially those that want to capture the cooperation of tech-loving millennials.

So without further ado, here’s how a cheap pico projector – more commonly known as portable pocket projector – proves its worth as an essential tool for today’s teachers:

Interactive Lectures

The first and most important advantage of packing a mini projector in the classroom is the ability to set up a dynamic presentation that you can actually modify on the go.

Pairing your mini projector to a tablet or smartphone allows you to project media that you can manipulate in real time, from images and videos to apps and programs. A few taps and swipes with your finger or stylus pen, and you can literally change the structure of your lecture as the need arises.

The best part? You can instantly share the contents of your lecture to your students via email, teaching software or even social media if you’re up to it.The digital nature of the media you just used with your mini projector can be quickly transmitted to your students as soon as they hook up to an Internet access point. This exploits the highly connected nature of today’s youth, who are virtually inseparable from their smart devices.

Higher Student Involvement

Speaking of students that love smart devices, you can craft lesson plans where students have more opportunities to collaborate in the lessons instead of sitting passively in their seats.

By using a mini projector, you open up an avenue for students to engage with you using digital platforms. Debates can come with visual markers to indicate points for the winning side, students can create slideshows to present their findings to their classmates, they can share streaming videos relevant to the subject matter you are teaching, they can come up with memes to inject some humor into an otherwise drab subject – all of which they can present by simply connecting their own smart device to the projector you’ve set up. If your projector supports Bluetooth connections, then this process is made even simpler and quicker.

With a portable projector though, this involvement on a digital level can be transformed from special projects to daily lessons. Your mini projector will ensure that they will always have a platform to better engage with you using the digital media they have at their disposal.

Mobile And Versatile Lessons

Another obvious advantage of investing in your own mini projector is that your digital presentations not tied down to one particular venue. These mini projectors can also be used in conjunction with high quality backyard screen setups.

Miniature projectors are often small and light enough to bring around in a portable case. Some tiny projectors are the size of your average digital camera, and can fit snugly in your pocket. This allows you to carry the projector from classroom to classroom or wherever it is needed. All you need to do is close the curtains, turn off the lights or set them down low and presto – you have a venue where you can use your projector to augment your lessons.

It is also worth noting that some mini projectors come with their own internal power supplies – their own batteries, so to speak. This allows you to use them even when there is no ready source of power available, making them even more portable since you won’t need to find a power outlet as long as the battery still has juice in it.

Keep these three pointers in mind, and you will have a much easier time understanding just how much of a difference a mini projector can make in the classroom setting!


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