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TheLotter - Play for the world's biggest jackpots graphicIf you think you can only play the lottery in your own country, then think again. The first of its kind, TheLotter is an innovative service company giving individuals around the world the luxury of buying lotto tickets from just about anywhere.

Established in 2002 and being one of the leading names in the industry, TheLotter serves as the go-to company to buy lottery tickets online. But is it safe? And is it legit? How does the company make money? Do they get commission? These must be the questions that are going on in your head right now, so read on to find out more about the business, how it works, and why this company is one of the best in the industry.

What is TheLotter?

The Lotter offers lottery buying services for anyone from anywhere around the world from 25 of their international offices. You can choose from 50 global lottery games and the company’s team of professionals will be more than happy to buy the tickets for you, notify you when you win and hand over the tickets when you win a jackpot prize.

How TheLotter Works

The premise is very simple – it’s like you’re asking someone from the other side of the world to buy your lottery ticket for you – and that’s how The Lotter works.

The Lotter Enterprises Limited and its associated brands operate an independent ticket purchasing service but they are in no way affiliated or endorsed by any of the official international lottery organizations. They operate from the United Kingdom but they have 25 international offices in many parts of the world.

Since their establishment in 2002, they have serviced millions of people from around the world, with 1 million of those winning more than $50 million in prizes. Among the top lottery games that they offer are EuroMillions, EuperEnalotto, US Powerball, Mega Millions, La Primitiva, and many others. Though you buy the tickets from TheLotter, the same rules, same play options and the same chances to win are applied.

The Ticket Buying Process

There are 3 steps to a successful transaction with The Lotter:

  1. Open an account by heading to their official website at
  2. Once you’ve successfully opened an account, deposit your desired cash amount.
  3. Choose your lottery game(s), choose your numbers and the company’s professional representatives from around the world will buy the ticket(s) on your behalf.

Once the representatives have bought your ticket, you will be sent a scanned copy of the actual ticket and if you win, you will then be sent notification via SMS and email from their customer support team.

If you win a secondary prize, the team will claim the amount for you, deposit the money in your account and you get to withdraw it anytime you like. If you win a jackpot or Grand Prize, you will have to fly to the country of the lottery game, get the ticket from The Lotter’s local office and claim your prize at the official lottery organization.

The Safety and Reliability of TheLotter

To buy lottery tickets online, you have to make your money’s safety and security the number one priority. The Lotter is a safe and secure site that has served millions of people around the world. In fact, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, the company can give you a full refund for your first purchase.

The site accepts all payments through American Express, Master Card, JCB, Diners Club, Visa, Sofort, NETeller, Solo, iDeal, Moneybooker, and GiroPay.

Once the professional representative has bought your ticket, he/she will send you a “proof of purchase” through the scanned copy of the ticket, which will be sent to your account. You will also receive a confirmation email of all the details of the transaction, which includes time of purchase.

TheLotter is then obligated, under the Terms of Use, to send you your winnings for secondary prizes and those that are not taxed locally. For jackpot prizes, The Lotter is obligated to hand over your winning ticket upon claiming it personally at their local office.

The Lotter makes money by adding a handling fee on buying the tickets for you. However, they do not earn money from your winnings – which means the amount you win is the amount you get. The Lotter has no legal claims on your tickets and you get to claim the prizes with no commission from The Lotter.

The Pros and Cons

TheLotter is an innovative service that gives international lotteries access to millions of people around the world. By opening up an account, you can have the company buy lottery tickets for you from anywhere around the world. For example, if you’re from the US but want to play the La Primitiva in Spain, you can do so anytime you like.

The company is also very accessible from any device – they have apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. You can buy a ticket from absolutely anywhere – from your own home, while you’re on a train, or while you’re on vacation. TheLotter is so convenient and available that winning millions is a possibility wherever you are and whatever you may be doing.

The notifications are also fantastic – it saves you so much time ’cause you won’t have to check the website if you have won or not. And the fact that the company is open 24/7 just takes buying lottery tickets to another level – they have live chat support and phone support in 14 different languages.

If you buy lottery tickets online through TheLotter though, the rates can be expensive but the prices are all reasonable for the global access that you enjoy. And while they give discounts for those who buy tickets in volume, this feature makes buying lottery tickets highly addictive – especially if you start winning.

The Bottom Line

If you want to have the most chances of winning in lottery games, The Lotter is the best online lottery purchasing service in the world. Though it can be addicting and the prices can be more expensive than actually buying the ticket yourself, the convenience and perks that come with your purchase are definitely worth it.

If you don’t mind flying to another country if and when you win a jackpot, then getting your international lottery tickets from The Lotter is definitely for you.

To buy lottery tickets online, simply head to The Lotter’s official website, open an account, and start playing.

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Gavin is an internet marketer and co-owner of Gavin lives in Barry in south Wales with his wife, Didem and cats, Munchie and Pixie.


    • Hi Johnathan, sites such as TheLotter certainly do charge a premium price for the service they offer but they are a tried and tested company with many years of trading behind them. There are plenty of other companies out there offering similar services that may be cheaper but from my experience TheLotter is among the best on the market. Regards Gavin

    • Hi Jonathan,
      I appreciate your comment, and you are right. we are charging more than a regular ticket that you can buy in a local kiosk. however we also purchase tickets that are out of the country, which means we have a full operation in more than 20 countries and with more than 45 lotteries world-wide. that costs money and we are covering it with the service fee we charge. we operate since 2002 and we have given away more than 42M$ in prizes including few jackpots and big secondary prizes. you are more than welocome to visit our site and ask us any question you’d like.
      Best of luck!
      Ryan Sloan
      Affiliate Manager.

  1. I attempted to buy USA Powerball tickets from TheLotter. I live in the Philippines but my credit card is registered to my USA home were I currently do not reside. TheLotter would not process my order request. I received no reply from them when I requested an answer as to why I was refused.

    • Hi Paul,
      Thank you also for your comment. Unfortunately we do not process US credit cards. If you have other registered credit card you are more than welcome to use it.
      If you have more question dont hesitate to contact support.
      Best of Luck!
      Ryan Sloan
      Affiliate Manager

  2. If you win the jackpot, what’s to stop them for claiming the winnings themselves? I’d really like to know how this works, especially since there’s a twitter account out there claiming they don’t pay jackpots.

    • Hi Mike, TheLotter has been around since 2002 is highly regulated and audited by a well-know London based auditors. They have paid out US$ 44,607,949 to date in winnings! You say that there is a Twitter account claiming that they don’t pay jackpots; seriously, don’t believe everything you read online!!!


    • Hi Karma, if you win the jackpot with TheLotter, they will pay for you to fly to the country where the jackpot is won. So, why wouldn’t you go?

  4. Hi
    I have fraudulent deductions from my account from the lotter. I did play the game once in January,but because I gave them my cvv when I register they keep deducting money from my account without my permission.I tried several times to email them ,I didn’t get a response.

    • Hi Lillian, I am afraid that I can not really comment on specific account issues of members as I am an independent reviewer of TheLotter and not a member of the actual company. What I can say is that TheLotter has many different ways of being contacted these days so you should get a response very quickly especially if you use the ‘Live Chat’ option when visiting the following link: Good luck to you!

    • Hi,

      If you won the Austrailia Powerball Jackpot, The Lotter would pay for you to fly to Australia and collect your prize from their regional office in Australia.



  5. Hi could somebody verify and confirm if I am eligible to play theLotter as I am residing in United Arab Emirates?
    It’s not legal here though. Is there any nearest branches you have here in Middle East?

    Appreciate your prompt response.

    • Hi,

      I have just contacted The Lotter customer support on live chat and this was their exact response to your question: “You can play any of the lotteries on our site, no matter where you live!”

      Best wishes and good luck!