Tips and Tricks to Transform Your Home Holiday Aesthetic

Lounge decorated for Christmas image

Winter is here; which means that the holiday season is right at our door. It’s that time of the year again, and we want to make it count. Decorating our homes for Christmas and getting into that merry holiday spirit is on top of people’s lists. What do we need to make our homes look beautiful, warm, cosy and inviting for our loved ones? Basically, a complete house makeover. Here are some cool decorating tips to help you change the aesthetics of your place and give it that welcoming allure we see everything in magazines this time of the year.

Dining Table Décor

This season is all about dining table décor. Forget all about the traditional red & green colour palette, and go for gold. Also, focus more on fabrics and include hot pink peonies and malachite. For a hint of originality, choose quality china. Antique plates and glasses, vintage cutlery and flowers are the coolest trend for this holiday season. Don’t forget about accessories. Scented candles, striped napkins, and decorative bowls are a must. However, don’t overcharge the table and keep things simple.

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Go Natural

This season is all about natural Christmas decorations. For example, rather than buy an artificial tree, the invest in a potted tree. This way, you can plant it in your garden after the holidays and your home will smell fresh for weeks. We love the smell of real pine in the winter. It gives our homes that merry allure we all thrive to have around the holidays. Don’t go overboard with the lights. All-natural Christmas trees are delicate, and we need to take good care of them if we want them to survive the heat inside our homes. The best colour combo of this season is white and orange. Choose arrangements carefully, and make this palette dominant in the living area.

Personal Décor

Get more personal when decorating the house for Christmas. Even though some decorations might seem quirky or outdated. It doesn’t really matter, as long as the items you fill your home with remind you of your loved ones. Surround yourself with things from the people you love most, and the whole aesthetics will be changed to the better. Sure, that nice little rug you used to have in the living for Christmas may seem a little dated and old, but it brought a lot of joy throughout the years. It’s worthy placing it again in the living room. Blend new decorations with new ones, and transform your home into a family nook that can make everyone smile.

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Gold Accents Everywhere

In combination with gold, red comes to life. Add golden accents all around your home, to give it that luxurious, welcoming feel for the holidays. Candles, lights, golden ornaments, linens, and globes in gold hues are the best. Blend gold gently into the red, or make it your dominant colour. Either way, the combo will completely change your home aesthetics. Aim at making your place both chic and elegant.

Signature Décor Elements

Around the holidays, it’s ok to make your place a little quirky. There’s no need to adhere to a certain style completely. Play around with decorations and add a personal touch when adoring the Christmas tree or dining table. For example, you can hang unusual decorations from the chandelier or bring more colour with flower pots; even if they’re not seasonal flowers. Both white and red peonies are ideal in the home for Christmas. But you can just as easily purchase tulips. Yes, we know they’re meant for spring. But the contrast will blend beautifully and your place will seem original and unique to family and friends.

Changing the aesthetics of a home around the holidays doesn’t have to be challenging. The key element is to decide on a dominant colour. If your living area has a dark brown hue, then red and gold will blend beautifully. Incorporate quality linens and designer fabric made of the best materials, and keep an eye on the details. Make sure the dining table is organized and buy scented candles to bring in that fresh Christmassy fragrance we all love. Think outside the box for once, and your home will look stunning!

Gavin is an internet marketer and co-owner of Gavin lives in Barry in south Wales with his wife, Didem and cats, Munchie and Pixie.