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If you are an online marketer in whatever niche you almost certainly know that the quickest way to grab a number 1 spot on Google is with video. YouTube was acquired by Google in 2006 and since that time YouTube videos have without doubt received preferential rankings in Google’s index.

In the past if you wanted to rank a video position 1 in Google and YouTube all you would need to do was copy the tags, headline and keyword density of the video in position 1 add a few more backlinks to your video and in no time at all your video would have jumped to position number 1. Google soon caught on to what online marketers were up to and they started to hide this data to prevent this process from taking place.

Thankfully Tube Digger Pro reveals all this crucial information to its users so once again internet marketers can start ranking videos at the top of Google and YouTube in no time at all. It really doesn’t matter what niche you are actively promoting in as this software will show you exactly what is required to rank videos ahead of your competition.

What Exactly Does Tube Digger Pro Do?

Keyword Analyzer

Enter the specific keyword or phrase that you would like to rank in position 1 for and you are then given access to detailed information about the videos that are currently on page 1 for that given keyword/phrase.

Reveals Video ‘Rank’, ‘Title’ and ‘URL’

The Rank, Title and URL of every video sitting on the first page of YouTube for your chosen search term will be immediately highlighted giving you the opportunity to checkout your competition’s title keywords as well as keyword density in no time at all.

Reveals ‘Video Page Rank’

The Google Page Rank is displayed for each of your competition’s videos.

Displays Video ‘Rating’, plus the number of ‘Likes’ & ‘Dislikes’

‘Ratings’, ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ are all a part of the YouTube video ranking formula. Knowing this data gives you an idea of what you need to do to outrank your competition.

Displays Video ‘Description’ and ‘Description Link’

You will be able to checkout a competing video’s description meaning that you will be able to see what sort of keyword density is being used in the description. If a website link is contained within the description it will give you an opportunity to take a look at a competitor’s money site.

Reveals Video ‘# Views’, ‘# Comments’, ‘# Favourites’ & ‘Date Published’

Knowing the number of views, comments and favourites that your competitors’ videos have is vitally important information and this is all available to you with Tube Digger Pro.

Video Ranking Software
Video Ranking Software


Reveals Video ‘Tags’

In years gone by marketers were hijacking their competitors’ videos by stealing the title tags that they were using to rank at the top of YouTube and Google. Google became aware of this and decided to hide this information from marketers. However, this software reveals this information once more!

Displays Video ‘Category’

Knowing the category that is being used by the video that is at the top of the search results is another vital piece of data for you to be aware of and thankfully this software displays this also.

Reveals Video ‘Username’

Using this software you will instantly be able to view the usernames being used by the top ranking videos. You will therefore be able to see if your competitors are using a keyword in their username as well as being able to checkout other videos that a user has already uploaded to their YouTube channel.

Enables One Click Video Commenting or Competitor Contact

You may not know that it is possible to make good money by leveraging CPA as well as other offers via your competition’s videos. An initial line of contact is often achieved simply by getting hold of the publisher of a high ranking video. With Tube Digger Pro you can make this contact with the simple click of a button from within the software.

Covert Channel Tracker

Perform in depth analysis of your competition simply by clicking on the ‘Convert Channel Tracker’. Here you can input the channel name of your competition’s channel and then discover all the important statistics regarding this person’s videos.

Competition Analyzer

Just drop in the web address for the video of your competitor that is ranking well for the keyword that you are looking to compete on. You will then be able to see a complete set of statistics detailing how this video is ranking so well in not only Google and YouTube but also Bing.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not entirely happy with the Tube Digger Pro product within 30 days of purchase simply send the vendor an email and you will receive a 100% refund.

Note: Tube Digger Pro is no longer supported on this site. Please visit our index page HERE

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