Tungsten Rings – Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Tungsten Ring Image

One of the reasons why tungsten rings are popular is their durability. Unlike rings that are made from softer metals, they are strong and low-maintenance. Tungsten rings are not easily tarnished or scratched and when they are cleaned, the result is a shiny appearance. The aesthetic value of the polished finish is the minimal possibility of a stain or scratch developing on the surface.

The low-maintenance aspect of tungsten makes it a highly sought after commodity in men’s jewelry. Many men prefer to invest in tungsten rings that they know are resilient and will last a long time and do not require a lot of maintenance.

Cleaning Process

Cleaning the ring is a relatively simple process but contact with harsh chemicals should be avoided. If you want to make your tungsten ring shine brighter, a few tips will help you ensure that you clean it well. When cleaning your rings you should take your time and avoid any chemicals that may cause an adverse reaction. The ring will soon look brand new if you take your time and clean it properly.

Use Mild Products

Regular household cleaning products such as mild soap along with some water are sufficient. Cleaning solutions that contain chemicals such as ammonia or chlorine may damage the metal. Stick to regular and mild detergents or liquid soap. After preparing the cleaning solution of soap and water, you can dip a clean cotton cloth in the mixture and gently but firmly rub the surface of the ring.


As you wipe and rub the ring, inspect in periodically to make sure that you are getting rid of any dirt or grime. Rings with ridges or stones may require slightly more rigorous rubbing to get the dirt out. A larger or intricate ring can be soaked in the mild cleaning solution, which makes it easier to clean the ring, especially if the ring is worn by someone who frequently handles oil or greasy substances.

When you are content with the cleanliness of the ring after rubbing or soaking, you can use warm water to rinse it off. Dry the ring off with a cloth before wearing it or storing it. Proper maintenance will keep mens tungsten carbide rings in good condition for years to come.

Removing Oil and Dirt

• If you plan to handle any harsh chemicals, it is advisable to take off your ring before you do. Since the ring is durable, you will usually be able to keep it on as you work or do your chores. This will eventually lead to it picking up dirt, oil and other debris over a period of time. These types of rings handle continuous wear well and are easy to clean.

• If your ring is covered in oil, wipe it down gently to reveal its distinct polished finish. If your ring gets dirty as you undertake daily activities, you can simply leave it on and wash your hands. Alternatively, you can take the ring off before rinsing it with mild soap and water.

• Tungsten rings are virtually impossible to scratch but if you encounter any difficulties with cleaning your ring, you can consult an expert for advice regarding how to get your ring to look brand new and bright again.

Follow these simple cleaning and maintenance tips and your tungsten ring should remain in tip top condition for years to come.

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