9 Inspiring Ways For Couples To Spend Their Weekend

Couple spending the weekend together

Whether you’re a newlywed or have been married for over a decade, spending meaningful time with your significant other should be your priority.

If you’re living in big city, have a busy lifestyle with full-time jobs, finding time for each other can be challenging. You have errands to run or take your kids to baseball practice. This leaves little time for you and your partner to spend with each other.

In this article, I’m going to share 9 inspiring ways for you to spend the weekend with your significant other. Don’t worry, we won’t be talking about shopping expensive fine jewellery or luxury apparel.

  1. Wake up early and get a group workout

After a long work week, waking up early might not your preferred thing to do on a Saturday morning. Instead, you prefer to sleep in. If you’ve had less than 7-8 hours of sleep, by all means, get the extra rest.

However, waking up early and getting a group workout such as yoga or spin class will give a nice positive boost to your day. If group classes aren’t your thing, consider going for a run or a hike. This is also a great time for you and your loved one to bond with each other.

When you’re done with your workout, you’ll feel energized. A sweaty workout also reduces the likelihood of you eating unhealthy foods during the day.

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast

One of my favourite breakfast meals is the smoothie bowl. The recipe is simple. Blend 200 mls of unsweetened almond milk, a cup fresh berries, one frozen banana, one tablespoon almond of peanut butter and a scoop of plant protein.

Voila! And you have a healthy breakfast that will keep your bellies full until lunch.

If you don’t feel like cooking at home, the local farmer’s market or your neighbourhood breakfast restaurant might be a good option.

Avoid going to busy places with long lines as the waiting and loud noise as it will distract you and your spouse from having meaningful conversations together.

  1. Learn something new together

My wife loves chocolate. So a few years back, I booked an intimate chocolate making class.There were only three couples in the class and it was amazing! We learned how to make fresh chocolate from scratch.

If chocolate making isn’t your thing, there are many other activities such as beekeeping, or kayaking that you can learn together.

Learning a new skill makes us feel like we’re making progress in life and therefore, makes us happy.

  1. Watch a movie at home

Don’t get me wrong. Going to movie theatres is a lot of fun.

But there are two reasons I don’t prefer to go to movie theatres (1) It can get expensive (2) I love homemade popcorn.

With so many movies available on Netflix and iTunes, you can stream the latest movie in no time and at a fraction of the cost.

Watching movies with your significant other at home also gives you the privacy that otherwise wouldn’t have at a movie theatre.

  1. Plan a staycation

A few months back, I was in San Francisco taking my friends around town. In my 10 years of staying in Northern California, I’d never been on a cable car. When we jumped on the world-famous San Francisco cable car, it was so much fun.

A staycation will force you to explore your surroundings. Plus you don’t have to spend money on airfare. A weekend staycation can help you get your mind off the day-to-day routine.

  1. Visit the museum, park or beach

If you’re spending several hours of the day in front of a computer, a visit to a museum, park or beach can be very rewarding.

Local museums are a great place to learn about history, art and science. A walk or bike ride in the park can bring you closer to nature. The waves and the sunset at a beach can soothe the soul.

Such visits to the museum, park or beach can spark creativity and interesting conversations that you and your spouse will remember for your lifetime.

  1. Spend time with friends that uplift you

It’s not uncommon to be invited to social events on the weekend. Maybe it’s your friend’s birthday or your work colleagues have planned a BBQ.

If you catch yourself saying, “I don’t want to be there because…”, then decline the invite. Honestly, you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Instead, you’ll do yourself a favour by surrounding yourself with people that uplift you.

One simple question my wife and I asked ourselves is, “Is this is a “Hell Yes” for us?”. If the answer is “no”, we decline the invite.

  1. Spoil yourself with an in-home massage

Getting a great massage can be a very relaxing and fun experience. Plus if it’s in the privacy of your home, even better.

There are some excellent on-demand massage services such as Soothe, where the therapist comes to you and gives you a massage at home. The therapist brings the massage table, linens and even music with them.

Take advantage of such on-demand services and have a relaxing time with your loved one.

  1. Cook a meal together

Cooking a meal together can be a very therapeutic experience. Plus it’s an inexpensive way to have a nice meal.

The process of cooking will enable you to have great conversations with your loved one. It’s best if you and your partner prep for the meal together, cook together and finally clean together.

If you’re looking for recipe ideas, use Pinterest for inspiration.

Which idea did you find most interesting and why? Let me know in the comments section below.

Kunal Sampat is part of Sampat Jewellers Inc., a family owned Indian diamond jewellery business based in San Jose and Mumbai. This article was inspired by his personal interest in lifestyle design.