Wedding Ready with Beauty Tips to do One Week Before the Big Day

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Get yourself ready for the altar and find the most beautiful version of yourself with these beauty tips to do one week before your wedding day.

It’s a day that you’re going to remember for the rest of your life. The photographs are going to speak volumes of the happiness and love shared between you and your significant other. A wedding day is an event like no other. It is certainly a day that you want to be looking your best at.

In the lead up to a wedding, you do so much preparation. You ensure that the guest seating arrangement is just right, you organise the food, you sort out the flowers and photographers. You are so busy do so much that it can be easy to neglect yourself. But after all, you are the bride and you deserve the best day.

Taking care of yourself is essential in the lead up to your wedding day. This means care in a holistic manner, so you need to think about your mental and physical health as well. Along with this, your beauty for the day is important. When you are cool, calm, and collected, you will look naturally beautiful which is why you need to focus on all elements of health prior to the day.

When it comes to your beauty, there are some things you can do to get yourself picture-perfect ready and bring the biggest smile to your partner’s face as you meet them at the altar. Here are some handy beauty tips you can do a week before the wedding. Remember, this is your day so as long as you feel like the best version of yourself, you will be truly beautiful.

Some general beauty tips

Get a facial

A week prior to the wedding, having a facial will make your skin glow and shine. It will also give you softer and clearer skin, boosting your confidence in the lead up to the day.

Stay fit

While you are extremely busy in the lead up to the wedding, you should still focus on your fitness. Doing an hour of exercise each day starting at least a week before the wedding is the best thing for you. It will release endorphins as well as leaving your skin glowing.

Start exfoliating

At the 7 day mark before the wedding, it is good to start exfoliating. Using a healthy homemade scrub made up of honey and lemon, or olive oil and salt will provide gentle relief to remove the excess dead skin cells. However, don’t exfoliate more than twice a week, so you’ll just need two deep exfoliating sessions before the wedding.

Get enough sleep

Your 40 winks are the key to beauty and happiness. In the week before the wedding, it is more important than ever to get enough sleep. Make sure you incorporate a solid 8 hour sleep into each night during the week leading up to the wedding. Putting yourself first is essential at this time. Also, using some eye cream before getting those lovely 8 hours of sleep will help keep your eyes looking healthy and glowing.

Neat and tidy hair removal tips

As every woman knows, there are so many different methods of hair removal. When it comes to your wedding day, you want to have the most effective hair removal possible without messing it up. Take a lot at the pros and cons of each hair removal method one week before your wedding day, and decide what will work best for you.


While shaving is efficient and easy to DIY, the results don’t last particularly long. This means you will need to shave the night before your wedding, especially for underarms as this is a key spot stubble grows back within 24 hours. If you are going to shave the night before, be extremely careful! The last thing you want is a razor cut stinging your leg.


Getting a professional to do the waxing job is one of the better options before your wedding day. If you are a regular to having your legs, armpits, and bikini line waxed, it will be fine to do it a week before the wedding. However, if it is your first time to waxing, have a test run about 6 weeks before the wedding to ensure you don’t have any nasty reactions to the wax. If it’s all good, book another appointment a week before the wedding and have smooth and supple legs for the big day.

Hair removal cream

A soft and gentle way to DIY hair removal, these creams dissolve the root of the hair. The hair then falls away when you wipe the cream off. They are very easy to use and generally completely safe to use a week before the wedding. However be wary if you have sensitive skin and do a lot of tests before the wedding day!


Hopefully you have found some useful beauty tips to do one week before your wedding day. Remember, self-care is the most important thing you can do to achieve maximum beauty levels. You want to look great and feel great for the most important day of your life. Take a deep breath and put on your best smile for the day – this is the number one key to true beauty.

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